Friday, October 12, 2012

Fun at the Corn Maze

 Yesterday was the perfect day for us to enjoy our local corn maze! The weather couldn't have been better - a nice 63 degrees with the sun shining! We've been talking about going for a while now, but when the boys came down with colds last week, we opted to stay home. Nearly every trip to and from daycare, depending on the route we take, we drive right past the corn field. All the boys needed to see was the tractor sitting out front to get excited about going.
The boys were so eager when they saw all the hay bales. There was two "little kid" mazes there. JP did awesome! 
Hunter, however, wasn't too impressed. He stood in this spot for quite a while as he was his brother navigate though. Eventually he started back up, but then climbed over a few bales to get out.
 We let the boys play on the play around on the play equipment before we went over the behavior rules for the maze. I haven't been to any other maze before, but this maze has clues to help you through the maze. Perry was our clue reader and the boys acted like they knew all the answers to questions about the Egyptians. (We played level difficult!)
 The maze went back and forth between the hay bales and the corn. For the most part we let the boys take turns leading us around. One would go until we were lost and then the other would take over.
 At this point, we had been in the corn portion of the maze for quite a while. We came upon one of our clue spots and the boys found this piece of corn hanging down. It seemed like Hunter had just had an epiphany. "Mom! This is corn! We're in the middle of a corn field!" Ha! Took you a while bud! 
 My job, other than cameraman, was the "cattle herder." You know, make sure they keep going where they're supposed to.
Towards the end, the boys were anxious to get back out so they could go play again. JP cracked me up a few times. When he and I would hit a dead end he would exclaim, "Uh oh! I guess we'll try again tomorrow!"  And then would just stand there until I told him to turn around. : )
 Once we made it out of the maze (way faster than in years before!), we headed over to the little petting zoo.
 Although JP really wanted to go see the little pony, he refused to pet it.
 He did however love on this little lamb, until his attention was diverted to this lamb on the right taking a giant dump, practically in his face. He thought this was the COOLEST!
 Hunter also showed us he has a soft side too. He really enjoyed the petting zoo.
 We finished up taking pictures in the pumpkins. Here is Perry and little JP. 
When it became my turn, JP decided he wanted to be in the big one, so I crouched down for the little one as he stretched out onto his tippy toes just so he could see out! 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

JP, Your Fish are Dead

A few mornings ago around 4am, Perry woke up when he heard something in the kitchen. He wandered out without his glasses on to check it out. It was Hunter. Surprise surprise. He was promptly sent back to bed and that was that. 

About half and hour later, Perry found him in the kitchen yet again, this time with his glasses on. Hunter immediately shouting "Look dad! I found worms!"
 Perry took a good look and couldn't decide what it was that Hunter was looking at, so again he was sent off to bed. At that point, Perry opted to stay up and clean up what ever it was that Hunter was looking at in the kitchen. It was then that he noticed the net in the fish bowl and put two and two together
 In the morning Hunter was SO excited to tell me about the worms he found last night. I explained to him that those worms were actually JP's fish. His response? "They were just floppin around on the floor!"
These were the fish that JP received on his 2nd birthday from Aunt Bobby. I'm not sure what made her want to get him fish, but both Perry and I weren't sure how long they'd last. She reassured us that they were the most durable fish the store had. And boy were they! There was plenty of days on end when we would forget to feed them. Or go on trips and forgot to tell the neighbor to feed them. Unfortunately they weren't durable enough to survive Hunter. JP took it like a trooper.