Friday, August 24, 2012

Looks like Someone Gets a Little Scissor Happy!

With all the hair being cut, someone else wanted to get theirs done too...and no, it wasn't Perry...It was me! I go through phases where I want my hair long then short then long then short again. My hair has seen many different styles already!
Let me just take you back a few years...
 2004 was all about my short hair.
 By mid 2005 I grew it out a bit..
 And in 2006 I chopped it off and had a friend dye it...suppose to be dark brown but ended up maroon... opps! Thanks Britta!
 So I let it grow itself out yet again in 2007.
 And then two weeks before I met Perry, I chopped it off and donated it to the Locks of Love in December.
 Since he wanted to see me with long hair, I attempted to grow it back out. This was our first family Christmas card picture end of 2008.
 In 2009 I attempted the A-line cut. Hated it. Took over year to grow it out.
 But I managed to get my long locks back by the following fall in 2010.
 And kept it long for our wedding in September 2011.
Then two weeks after returning from our honeymoon, I chopped it off again donated it. I think I've donated 5 times so far...
This is what my hair has looked like up until this week....
And this is my newest look! Thought I'd try out the pixie cut for a while. The stylist said I look like Emma Watson.
But I think I look like my did 25 years ago!

Let's weigh-in! What do you think is my best look? Long? Medium? Short?
I love reading your blog comments!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Trip to Washington: Kelsey's House

During our trip to Washington, the boys and I filled days 2 and 3 with my long time friend, Kelsey, and her baby boy Gavin. It was soo nice to see her for more than a few hours! I was so thankful for the time we were able to spend together!

On Sunday afternoon, we met up with her parents and Kile and Chris and went to the lake. I wasn't sure how the boys were going to like it, but I wanted to give it a shot anyways. If they didn't like it, there was a small park there for them to play at. 
I was mostly worried about JP. Whenever he sees bodies of water larger than the bath tub he flips out and starts bawling. Turns out, I needed to be concerned about Hunter. Yes, he did in the water, but only as high as his knees at most. Most of the time he ran around and rolled about in the sand.
He was a sandy mess!
Baby Gavin is getting treated for club foot so he has a cast on his leg, so he unfortunately wasn't able to go splash around in the water at all. He seemed pretty content hanging out with mom and nanna.
JP was my wild child at the lake. He was brave enough to let Aunt Kile take him out to water in the raft, and again, surprisingly loved it.
At one point JP asked to swim out further, so Kelsey and I took the boys for a little swim. They enjoyed it. Mommy and Hunter...not so much. I swam with the heavy kid who cried the whole time. And I had my shoes on. We're lucky we mad it back to shore!
By the end of our swim, JP was having a blast! Kelsey took him over to the dock to jump in and had SO MUCH FUN! I brought Hunter over to see if he would enjoy it. He didn't. But in the meantime, JP jumped to me. As I turned to talk to Kelsey, JP jumped in again and completely submerged himself. I thought my missed catch would have been the end of it, but after he got over the shock of going under the water, he was quick to keep jumping in!
Before we ate dinner, we took another ride in the boat. JP loved the boat rides too! Hunter was kind of on the fence about them so he stayed back on the second trip out. Uncle Chris and Aunt Kile let him try out fishing instead and seem to really enjoy that!
JP however was lucky enough to drive the boat for a little bit. That was a big highlight for him! The rest of us were spun in circles for a while....
JP say cheese so I can take your picture. "CHEEEEEEEEEEEESE" and he sat like this for about 30 seconds saying cheese. : )
Once we arrived back to shore, Kile and Chris let the boys hold their fishing poles, which preoccupied them long enough to make supper. 
 And for me to have a little Gavin photo-shoot.
He's ridiculously cute!
Words cannont describe what Kelsey and I were feeling when we saw Hunter sleeping! The night before, bedtime literally took about 3 hours. It was a disaster! Unfortunately, JP was wired and ended up waking him before we got home, so bedtime was a struggle again, but not nearly as bad!
JP really wanted me to take a picture of his tongue so he could show Aunt Kim....They both have geographic tongues!

Both nights were spent in the kitchen reminiscing and drinking wine. It seems like we discussed everything! I believe we were up until 2 am the first night, and 1 am the second night. And of course my boys were up at the crack of needless to say, by the end of the trip *everyone* was exhausted! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Trip to Washington: Kile and Chris' House

I've been anxious to make a trip to Washington to see my sister ever since she and her husband moved within a few hours of us. I've also been oh so eager to see a friend of mine that I've known for 20 years. I was lucky enough to make it into one big exciting trip!

The boys and I left Friday after work. Perry helped me out by packing for the boys. He did great when it came to the DVD player and blankets and such...the clothes needed some work though. I didn't know that until I arrived with each having 2 pairs of shorts, 1 pair of pants, 3 shirts, 3 sweatshirts and 2 pajamas. And Hunter had 3 pairs of underwear. This would be fine if we were only gone for 2 days. But we were gone for 4. And in the middle of summer. Did I mention I'm pretty OCD when it comes to dressing my kids. To me, none of the clothes matched. So there was a lot of improvising and re-wearing of clothes. Kudos to him for the plethora of pull-ups and socks, and for packing their swimming suits though!  
We spent Friday night with Aunt Kile and Uncle Chris in their new home. The boys loved their boat! Aunt Kile spoiled the boys in the morning by making them fruit faces for breakfast.
 JP ate most of his. He was a big fan of the jell-o...Hunter didn't eat much. Typical Hunter.
 After breakfast, the boys were antsy to go to the park, which was just out their back door. JP spent quite a while peaking through the cracks!
 When Kile opened the gate, they were so excited!
 Here's my adventurous JP attempting to climb the rock wall. He managed to get his other leg up to the orange block before he fell down. He walked away saying "I don't like that. It hurt myself." Pretty sure he got racked.
 But he had fun climbing other things.
 And catching Aunt Kile on the slide.
 Hunter did a lot of running around. Aunt Kile is helping him to look out through the telescope at mommy. He thought that was pretty cool!
 While Hunter was running around, he made a trip back to the house to get the chalk. He didn't use it though. JP did.
When they decided the park was no longer any fun, we all came back to the house for a bit. JP absolutely loved watering the flowers with their pig shaped watering can.
We left shortly after Chris's parents arrived so everyone could prepare for the golf tournament they were in that afternoon. On their trip over, they brought these end tables with them. Super cool! For one, Kile is a MSU graduate, and Chris is a WSU graduate. His and Her tables : ) And secondly, they made them out of wine barrels...from their wedding! How stinkin cool! There is even rope lights under the glass so they can light up at night! What great keepsakes they are now!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hunter's New 'Do

Before I jump into blogging about our recent trip, let me start with the end.
 This morning while getting ready to leave Aunt Kile and Uncle Chris' house, Hunter helped himself to Chris' electric razor in the bathroom. By the time I realized he wasn't in site, it was too late. My first reaction was shock. Obviously. And then laughter. And more laughter. He was so proud of his new hairdo!
I thought about buzzing it while we were there, but I thought Perry needed to see this first hand, so we waited until we came home. I did the buzzing. I couldn't help but make him into this "old man". 
Again, he loved this look too. But there was no way I was sending him to daycare looking like this! 
 So I buzzed the rest of his head. JP saw him getting his pajamas on and whispered to me "Mom there's a baby in the house!" "No, that's your brother" "Ohhh, not baby Gavin?" *Que the 7 month old we spent the week with*
Anyways here's the many new faces of Hunter.

This is him now on my lap, well, now he's sleeping. After a long weekend, he was in bed by 6:30 tonight. He came upstairs not too long ago and it took me a second to adjust to his new look. Normally he rests his head on my shoulder and I put my cheek on his head when we snuggle...not tonight. He has head pokies! So long beautiful curls!

Emilienne and Colin's Wedding Weekend: Part 3

Emilienne and Colin had a gorgeous wedding the other weekend. The view was perfect. The weather was perfect. And the two of them are so perfect together. I'm so so happy for them!

Here's my little ring bearers. JP was very excited to walk down the isle, but Hunter *made* me carry his pillow for him. I was SO thankful to have my sister-in-law there to help! I'm pretty sure I lost Hunter 3 times before the wedding! I found him just in the nick of time!
During the wedding, two of the bridesmaids and two groomsmen and a few various other people read a few passages. Perry read "The Art of Marriage", which I thought was very fitting for him.
Here's one of their *first* family pictures with their little dog Jalipenna.
After dinner and the speeches, they had a photo booth that I somehow missed. Super bummed about it!
During the reception, my boys ran around for quite some time! JP also had his pouting moments too!

Like typical Hunter fashion, he can always be found throwing something...
But of course, they were also found dancing as well!

Perry and I were also caught dancing...
More times than not though, I was found shaking my booty!
Perry and I also made it a point to dance with the camera man : ) He photographed our wedding last year and my sisters wedding in May. Rarely does the camera man make it into pictures! Kudos for the great shot!
I heard the best gift you can give to the bride and groom at their wedding is to have fun at the reception. I completely agree!
Mission accomplished!