Sunday, October 7, 2012

JP, Your Fish are Dead

A few mornings ago around 4am, Perry woke up when he heard something in the kitchen. He wandered out without his glasses on to check it out. It was Hunter. Surprise surprise. He was promptly sent back to bed and that was that. 

About half and hour later, Perry found him in the kitchen yet again, this time with his glasses on. Hunter immediately shouting "Look dad! I found worms!"
 Perry took a good look and couldn't decide what it was that Hunter was looking at, so again he was sent off to bed. At that point, Perry opted to stay up and clean up what ever it was that Hunter was looking at in the kitchen. It was then that he noticed the net in the fish bowl and put two and two together
 In the morning Hunter was SO excited to tell me about the worms he found last night. I explained to him that those worms were actually JP's fish. His response? "They were just floppin around on the floor!"
These were the fish that JP received on his 2nd birthday from Aunt Bobby. I'm not sure what made her want to get him fish, but both Perry and I weren't sure how long they'd last. She reassured us that they were the most durable fish the store had. And boy were they! There was plenty of days on end when we would forget to feed them. Or go on trips and forgot to tell the neighbor to feed them. Unfortunately they weren't durable enough to survive Hunter. JP took it like a trooper.

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