Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Tooth Fairy Visited Our House For the 1st Time!

Hunter has a had a wiggly tooth since before St. Patrick's Day. I even went as far as to tell him that he'd get double coins from the tooth fairy if he lost it on St. Patrick's Day. Nope. Didn't happen. Didn't even happen a month later. I'm pretty sure I was more antsy for the Tooth Fairy to come than he was. I remember writing notes to the tooth fairy. Once she even drew me a picture of her house! I forgot to have Hunter write her a letter this time. But we have plenty of teeth to loose.

He lost one of his bottom teeth on Friday, May 6. I'm surprised it didn't come out sooner by the way it was pointing out of his bottom row. I even planned on having corn on the cob with dinner so I'd be there when it came out. but here's me re-telling how he told me it happened.

"I was playing at recess with Sullivan and he elbowed me in the mouth and it started bleeding but the recess bell rang so I had to go inside to get it cleaned up. And I had to go see Ms. Erin to get stuff for my mouth. And after recess we had a party and someone brought cupcakes. And then I bit into my cupcake AND THERE WAS A SURPRISE IN MY MOUTH! My tooth came out!"

Either I walk down to the bus stop to walk home with the boys or I just stay home and tend to the babes, but for whatever reason, I decided to just stand at the end of the driveway to watch them come down the lane. Hunter sprinted the whole way home and was just too excited to show me his missing tooth and the treasure box they gave him to put his tooth in.
At bedtime we went over the rules for the tooth fairy, and there was basically just one: Put the treasure box under your pillow and do not touch it. The tooth fairy luckily carried a flashlight because he broke the rule. He ran down to my room in the morning and was so excited to show off his gold coin!

By Monday we could already see the tooth below it coming up, and the tooth next to the hole is wiggly now too! He's so excited to join the rest of his class in the missing teeth group!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

My Princess Turned 3!!

I am so tired right now I could cry. Actually, I might have before leaving for work at 10:30pm. These Friday night shifts are killing me! But lucky for me, I had a friend stop by the house to drop off somethings and she brought me coffee. Exactly what I needed to get through the morning!

Charlotte's birthday last year was super last minute, and this year wasn't much different. I was originally planning on having her party Friday evening, but then I heard cousins Casey and Dylan wouldn't be there so I moved the party to Thursday. Then I heard Aunt Kile was going to come, but she thought it was on Friday. I moved it back to Friday, after I agreed to work the overnight shift. Some serious poor planning right there. You know, thankgoodness it wasn't on Thursday though. At one point there was 11 kids at my house ranging from 8 months old to 7 1/2 years old. It was chaos. I was just glad my mom and neighbor were there too! I would have never gotten anything ready for her party while watching Charlotte + Kady + 3 babies during the day. 
Aunt Bobbi occupied some of the kids by playing baseball in backyard.
After baking and carving the cake Thursday, I woke up semi-ready to tackle Friday the 13th. Charlotte was so excited when she woke up and ate her last jelly bean on her countdown to her birthday! Ridiculously cute! Just as I imagined, she requested Cream of Wheat for breakfast, her favorite. 
Charlotte and Aunt Kim in the hammock. 
 I spent the morning tidying up the house knowing that by the afternoon, you wouldn't be able to tell it was tidy. I powered through just so I wouldn't have to work on decorating the cake. I keep putting it off until the last minute. I think I'm burning out on the caking... At one point I had two babies at my feet, and two very curious girls watching me frost the cake. I can't tell you how frustrating all the questions can be when I'm concentrating! But I got it done with time to spare.
 My parents showed up just in time to help make the burger patties and prep the toppings. Perry arrived home to a house FULL of people, and just in time to grill. Unless I miscounted, there was 20 adults and 12 kids. I don't think we've ever had this many people at our house at once. Especially for a 3 year old's party! I loved it!
 Hunter enjoyed his time with cousin Casey, but also had a friend over to play with as well. (He just shows up at our house pretty frequently so instead of sending him home, I said he could stay for dinner. Then he set his plate down and the vulture-dog of ours ran off with his hot dog.) JP didn't care for all the people, which didn't surprise me. I found him in our spare room watching a movie "having some Jimmy time." Charlotte was later found in Hunter's room crying because of all the people. Poor little thing!
 We quickly cleaned up dinner and moved on to cake and presents to perk up her spirits. She loved the cake, but she wasn't into pictures today. Go figure. This is the best of them. Booties helped her to at least look at the camera. 
 She wouldn't even cheer up for Daddy!
 She did perk up a bit when her bestie came around though! Just a little.
 After I took all the pictures I needed of the cake, we sang her the birthday song, and wasn't overly impressed about it. She did request mom and dad to sing it again to her at bedtime and her face was all smiles!
 I'm pretty sure Hunter adores Casey as much as Casey adores Hunter. I sense some trouble coming on with these two in a few years...
 Once she ate her cake, Charlotte made a mad dash for the presents. All the kids did. She had been waiting all day to open up the present JP gave her. He had me pick up a box of Whoppers for her and he wrapped them with the message, "To Charli Love Jimmy" on the box. If that doesn't melt your heart....

The other night at dinner we asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she was quick to spell it out for everyone. A bike from JP, a pink flower from Hunter, her "purple-red" blanket (it's actually teal) from Dad that's been sitting high on a shelf for several months (only Santa can reach it, her words not mine!), and a light saber from mom that looks like Hunter's. She later changed my present to puzzles thankfully. Other than her blanket which is already hers, she received everything she asked for!
 Perry rode her bike in from the garage. I had bought a few bows to put on it, but they didn't make it to the bike. The pedals didn't make it on the bike either. I found it posted online from a church friend and immediately spoke for it. It has princesses on it too! Perry helped her ride it down the hall after Casey helped her put her new helmet on. 
 Once all her presents were opened, we all got a really nice thank you out of her. She opened them all so fast that she didn't process everything she was opening. After all the guest left, she dug through her box of stuff excitedly!
 Casey enjoyed her new pom-poms :)
 Before the nephews left, we attempted to get a cousins picture. #1 I can't see Dylan! Sit Dylan up!
 #2 Stay there Dylan! JP look at the camera! Hunter put the bat down.
 #3 JP look here! Casey! 
I think we should have stopped after the 1st picture.
Much to our surprise, Aunt Erin and cousin Stevie were in the area and were able to join us for the party! Such a fun surprise! I'm excited to hopefully see them again before they head home next week!

Happy birthday sweet Charlotte! Where have these last 3 years gone?!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Monkey Shiner Babblings

M - *to the baby* What's wrong princess?
C - Mom!  She is NOT a princess! Her mom is not even a queen!

We moved Charlotte's to the basement and while bringing her stuff down, Mom asked her opinion.
M - Charli, where do you want to put your dress up trunk? Would this be a good spot?
C - Yes, mom, that would be a fine choice!
M - And what about your kitchen? How about in the corner?
C - Why yes, that would also be a fine choice!

While out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant:
H - Mom! I just ate one of those flat noodles in my soup and I didn't even know it was on my spoon!
M - That actually wasn't a noodle. It was a piece of bamboo. Do you know what bamboo is?
J - Wait. Isn't that the stuff that panda bears eat?
M - That would be the stuff.
J - So you're telling me we're eating outside food?
M - Actually just about all the food you eat is outside food. Carrots, broccoli, potatoes, fruit... Did I just blow your mind?
J - *nods slowly with eyes wide*