Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Noteworthy Happenings for the Week

When did miss Charlotte turn into a big girl? I must have missed it, or witnessed it and didn't realize it! At her 18 month check-up right before we left for Thanksgiving, I recall telling her doctor that she could say about 6 words, other than momma and dadda. By the time we made it home from our Thanksgiving vacation, she had added quite a few more - words like "thank you", "buckle", and "up".
Her word of the week this week is "helper". When frosting my dad's cake she had climbed up on a stool to watch and grabbed a spatula sitting nearby and said "helper." I squirted a little bit of frosting on to her spatula for her to eat. When she was done, she vigorously waved it at me and said "helper" again. The process continued until I was done. She'll also say it when someone needs to pass her the M&M's she can't reach... Let me just say this too - It is *adorable* hearing her say "thank you" because just about any time you hand her something, she'll say it, except it sounds more like "tank ew". Other words she's mastered this week include shoe and NOW - as in- Hunter and JP, clean up your toys, NOW! Cue Charlotte - NOW!

She's also working on perfecting her tantrums. Up until the other night, only Perry, Grandma, and I had witnessed one of her melt downs. I had a hard time controlling my laughter the other night when I took my phone back from Charlotte's possession, only to have her get violently angry. The looks coming from Aunt Kim and Papa Craig's faces were priceless. She's really good at throwing her arms and body around, plus screaming a combination of "mine" and "no"...One of these days I might be lucky enough to film it...

Hunter and JP have been busy preparing for Christmas. They both want green helicopters with remote controls...JP wants it because Hunter wants it. The other night at the table, we were all talking about Skippy the elf and the things he does...
P - I bet Skippy eats his dinner at the North Pole.
H - You don't even know that.
M - I do. Santa and I are in close contact. As a matter of fact, he told me they were out of green helicopters.
J - Ahh man....Maybe they still have red ones!?
M - *face palm*

I was really hoping they'd ask for something that was a little more age appropriate but helicopters just won't work in our house...I've been trying to plant the seed of a new bike in JP's head but it's not working...

Monday, December 8, 2014

Happy *Surprise* Birthday to My Dad!

Yesterday my dad turned 60 so the day before our family held a surprise party for him.
 His cake was supposed to be a surprise too but he just happened to be upstairs when I arrived...go figure! The plan was to have him hang out downstairs in the basement with the guys and watch football. All of his party guests arrived and stayed upstairs and waited for him to come upstairs at half time (which took longer than expected!).
 Meanwhile I had fun watching Casey steal candy... He knows how to get what he wants!
 Nanny however wasn't impressed with him after he rubbed his chocolate-cover hands on her *new* "nanny-only" chair...one more excuse for me to make sure the downstairs door stayed closed!
 I did get a little Dylan time too! He's a sweetheart! I think I only heard him cry once? And it was the cutest thing ever!
 When halftime finally came around, he headed upstairs for "sandwiches" and found two of his brothers and their families, along with a cousin and an few family friends. 
 He was excited to see one of his college buddies there too! 
It goes without say that this golfer loved his cake too!
 As soon as JP got down from the table, Casey hopped on up to finished what JP left.
 And the sweets kicked in right away!
 Isn't he so sweet?!
My cousin Ryan and his wife Tara stopped by for a while too with their little princess, and Charlotte loved her! JP did too - he made her a crown and bracelets,which she later nibbled on! I think it's safe to say my dad was truly surprised and blessed to have so many people there to celebrate turning the big 6-0! Thanks to all who came! It was great to see everyone and talk to everyone! I'm still trying to figure out his card trick too...

Santa Fun with Hunter, Charlotte, and Casey

 Since Aunt Kile was in town, we spent a little sister time together by taking the kids to see Santa at Caras Nursery. I hadn't been there before, but the inside and outside were beautiful!
 Casey braved Santa alone and did pretty good! He didn't cry! Charlotte wanted nothing to do with him. She started crying just looking at him from a distance. 
 Needless to say, she did okay sitting on my lap next to him. Hunter had no interest in talking to Santa or being near him either. (JP stayed home with dad to work on one of Hunter's Christmas presents in the garage!)
 As soon as we all climbed out of the sleigh, Hunter climbed in. Kile and I were both a little surprised. He wants a green helicopter with a remote control....JP does too...
 After pictures with Santa, we went to the back of the green house and stood in line to ride the "reindeer". Charlotte was ready to go, but when I attempted to set her on the "reindeer" she screamed like she was dying...
Casey didn't scream, but he also made it very clear he didnt' want to go either. Charlotte was more interested in peaking at her new cousin, Dylan, in his infant carrier.
Hunter had a good time, even though it was raining out!

When he got home, he was so excited to tell JP what he got to do! "I got to ride a reindeer! But it was really just a pony!" Nothing gets past him...