Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pregnant Belly Cake for Baby Shower

Here it is! The pregnant belly cake I made for the baby shower for my co-worker, Ashton. I'm so glad it turned out as planned! This was the *easiest* cake I've done so far! I napped on the couch until about 8p and then finally got to work on it, after putting it off all day long, and finished it up by 10:30p and had the kitchen cleaned by 11p. I was super impressed with myself! And Perry was just thankful I cleaned up :)
 Okay, it would have been the easiest if the fondant wasn't being so difficult! I rolled it out at least ten times. On the tenth try I told Perry he had to come and help me out by moving the cake under the fondant when I lifted it...then it stuck to the table... Shout out to Robin and my mom - Thanks for responding to my picture message last night and giving me feedback on the cake!

The beautiful 39-weeks pregnant mom-to-be! I'm so excited for her and her husband to join us in parenthood! :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Monkey-Shiner Babblings

Hunter: Mom, I can't eat dinner.
Mom: Why not?
Hunter: Because I have to go to work.
Mom: Oh? Where do you work?
Hunter: At FedEx.
Mom: I thought you worked at Wal-Mart buying toys?
Hunter: No, I work at FedEx with Dad.
Mom: And what do you do at work?
Hunter: I sell boxes. Just like Dad.

At bathtime:
JP: Mom! Did you see that?! I blowed bubbles out of my butt!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Family Yearbook 2012

I am *SO* excited to have finally finished our family yearbook for 2012. I love how it turned out! I love it so much, I just might make some for the years prior! It took me a solid two weeks to get it together, between gathering pictures and organizing them. I used Shutterfly for this book. Super easy to use! I used the custom layout where I created each page, but if you don't have that kind of time, there is also a simple route where you upload the photos and they put them in a book for you! 

I've posted a link to the book I created so you could check it out or you can view it below! Enjoy!

Click here to view this photo book larger
Click here to create your own Shutterfly photo book.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Brides and Grooms Book 2013

I called my sister Kim last week to see how her booth at the wedding fair went. Last year we were both there, I for the hotel, and she for the catering company she was working for. This year she was promoting the golf course she works at (as the Restaurant Manager). They are going to begin doing wedding events there and she's going to be heading it up! Woot Woot! Go Kim! After a few minutes of chit-chat, we got off the phone and she quickly called me back a short while later after flipping through the latest edition of Brides & Grooms magazine, which is a publication of the Missoulian newspaper. 
 The groom's cake I made for Kile's wedding in May was in it! Granted it was submitted by Dax Photography, who photographed my sister's wedding, and who was also the photographer at my wedding, so it has his name on it and no mention of me, but still! Its there, and Dax knows where to find me if someone asks about it! 
 And my beautiful sister Kile is on the page right next to it! This picture of her is practically famous! Its everywhere! So guess who is excited?! I AM!! Thanks for the copy of the book Kim!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Frosting Cookies for Santa

One of my favorite things to do during the holiday season is to frost and decorate cookies. Perry's family usually has a cookie decorating party where they invite family and friends over to partake in the activity. We unfortunately missed out on their party this year but was able to join in on the fun with my sisters. 
As far as I know, this may have been the first the boys decorated cookies too!
 Hunter did great, although he wasn't interested in frosting his cookies before decorating. Needless to say nothing stuck to the cookie...
 JP had help from my dad. They had a little too much fun together! At one point, my dad was instructing JP on what to do with his bottle of decorations (that didn't have filtered pour spout) and resulted in pink, white, and red balls all over the counter and floor. Ooops!
 That might be the sugar looking at us with the lazy eye :)
 Although he didn't want to frost his cookies, he sure didn't say no to licking his fingers and the frosting knives!
 Everyone hard at work, well sort of...
 Nanny Linda was so proud of her cookie that she insisted I take a picture. Now I know where the boys get their "need to be photographed after accomplishing something" gene from! :) PS Thanks for the photo bomb Kile!

Christmas 2012

Christmas seemed to come and go *so* fast this year! But I guess it feels like that every year. 

This year was our first year with our Elf on the Shelf, Skippy. I had intentions of taking pictures of what he did everyday, but some days, nights rather, I just didn't have the energy to get him set up for something silly the next morning. The boys were SO excited to wake up and see what Skippy had done. My favorite reaction was when the found him sitting in their Time-Out chair. I asked them if they found Skippy, and Hunter, or maybe it was JP responded with "He's in the time-out chair! He was being naughty yesterday!" Which just so happened to be true. He toilet papered the Christmas tree the day before. At least they knew why he was there!
I was a little nervous about the boys meeting Santa in person this year. Hunter wanted nothing to do with him in years previous. This year was completely different! Santa was all he spoke about for an entire month. When Santa stopped by Nanny's house, he started jumping up and down in excitement. JP was a little more reserved, but quickly became excited when Santa started pulling presents out of his bag for them!
Although they forgot to ask him while he was there, they really wanted to ask for a ride in his sleigh.....turns out he drives a Chevy truck :) 
We spent Christmas Eve with my parents and sister's at my parents new house. Unfortunately Perry had to work for most of the day, so he missed out on the boys seeing Santa. Originally Santa was supposed to come on Christmas but we worked around his change in plans and had him arrive on Christmas Eve in the afternoon. Not like the boys would know any different at this point. After attending church (and holding my sleeping 4 year old for what felt like forever!) we went back to my parents house and had a late dinner, followed by lots of present opening.
The boys seemed to help everyone open their presents. They had too much fun!
I made these cute Santa strawberries for us to snack on. They were super easy to make...I'll probably make them every year since they were a huge hit. I'm pretty sure Hunter ate at least half the plate! Cut the top off the strawberries so they can stand, and then cut the top off to make the hat. I filled a decorator's bag with Cool Whip, but you could easily use a ZipLock bag and cut the corner. Add Cool Whip to the middle, replace "hat" and add a dot on top. I didn't have time for it...rather I forgot them at home, but you could also add mini chocolate chips for eyes. :)

Before we headed home, the boys had one more present left to open in the basement.
They tore it open and discovered their very own card board box fort, complete with tractors (from their toy box) already inside! What we didn't realize was that they each took a candy filled candy-cane into the fort with them...
This is Aunt Bobby, Aunt Kim, and Daddy trying to get them and/or the candy out before they ate it all!

Christmas morning, Perry and I woke up a little extra early to make sure everything was ready to go before the boys woke up and before his parents arrived. Shortly after they arrived and were settled, we all went downstairs to wake the boys up. Surprisingly, they were pretty hard to get out of bed! It took alot of coaxing!
 We spent quite a while in the basement opening presents in our stockings, and then the boys ran upstairs to see what big present Santa left for them.
A huge ride on Jeep. They were *so* excited! Perry even let them test drive it in our living room. I had to go into work for a little bit on Christmas, which was a bummer because it turned out that they didn't need me after all. So I missed out on breakfast with the family, but they were nice enough to leave me some leftovers! :) 
We spent the rest of the morning opening the presents under the tree, and then all 6 of us went to my parents house again for Christmas dinner. My mom had never cooked prime rib before, but she knocked the socks off of it! Delicious! I fell asleep on the couch later that afternoon....

A very successful Christmas!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Mom! We're racing!

Last week, Perry, the boys and I met up with Perry's parents and Perry's brother and wife for dinner. Dinner was perfect! The atmosphere, the people, the food...

After dinner, like usual, like clockwork, Hunter announced to me (sitting across the table) that he needed to go to the bathroom. Of course I took him. I might have rolled my eyes too because I *always* have to take him to the bathroom, and he always says we're going into the wrong one. This time was really no different. We discussed why mommy goes into the one with the dress on, and daddy goes into the one with the pants on, and when he gets older, he can go into that one by himself. 

During the discussion, we walked into his chosen stall and I turned around to lock the door just as I heard the bathroom door open and another lady enter. As I turned around to help Hunter out, he was gone. Crawled under the stall wall. Just as I realized what happened, the lady enters the stall Hunter was in and apologizes because she didn't know he was using that one. I of course then apologized and explained that he crawled  (on the icky nasty toilet paper covered floor!) and was supposed to be with me. We laughed about it, and decided it could have been worse. After all, she could have been peeing when he crawled under...

In the meantime I get him back into our stall and up onto the toilet as this lady starts to go pee herself. Hearing this, Hunter exclaims "MOM! It's a race!! We're racing!" I was shocked, stunned, and vibrating trying not to laugh! Of course, then Hunter starts peeing with a very focused, determined look on his face. Once he was done, he hopped off the toilet and again exclaimed, as clear as day, "MOM! I won! I won the race!" Again, I tried super hard not to laugh as I helped him button his pants and flush the toilet....Of course we had had to leave the stalls at the same time...Awkward!

This kid cracks me up!

Friday, January 4, 2013

19 Weeks

How far along? 19 weeks (My doctor moved my due date to May 30th from May 24th) 
Baby is the size of? A large tomato
Baby's heart rate? 141 bpm
Maternity clothes? I need my Bella Bands as most my pants are too tight to button
Stretch marks? No new ones
Sleep? Long days at work have made me exhausted, so I'm tired but not overly :)
Movement? Some here and there
Symptoms? Cramping has gotten better, but still have a little
Food cravings? None this week!
Anything make you queasy or sick? Nope
SCH News? My ultrasound on 12/26 confirmed I still have a hemorrhage, but it is stable (Yay!)
Moment of the week? Spending New Year's Eve with all of Perry's family and finding out the boys have another cousin on the way!
Looking forward to? Starting yoga again!

17 Weeks

How far along?17 weeks (I found out I have a later due date than planned)
Baby is the size of? A turnip
Baby's heart rate? 136 bpm
Maternity clothes? Getting close
Stretch marks? No new ones
Sleep? I toss and turn, but I feel rested
Movement? Yes!!
Symptoms? Some cramping still
Food cravings? Nothing that stands out...unless you consider all the Prime Rib I ate over Christmas, after all I only get it once a year!
Anything make you queasy or sick? Picking up dog poop, and smelling little boy poop
SCH News? My ultrasound on 12/14 showed that my hemorrhage had grown a little bigger.
Moment of the week? Perry started work at FedEx on the 17th, and then we attend my company Christmas party
Looking forward to? My next doctor's appointment on 12/26, and Christmas of course!

Matching tummies! Okay so not quite, but she's only 2 1/2 weeks behind me! I'm finally going to be an auntie!