Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Christmas Tea

Last week my mom called me up to see if Charlotte and I would be up for a tea party at the end of the week. I was a little hesitant to say yes because I was still working on getting over a head cold, that has lasted a lot longer than it should have...

I couldn't say no because I knew how much Charlotte would love to go to a tea party. The first tea party I went to was for my 9th birthday. It was a special treat from my mom since my last birthday was deemed "the birthday party from hell." If I recall correctly, everyone who attended my party that year ended up crying, and there was a lot of fighting. Winter birthdays can be a drag because there's not much to do when it's freezing out, so instead of having the girls come over for a sleepover, my mom set up a Victorian tea party with with a cousin on my dad's side. 

The tea party was so much fun for my friends and me. She had a a selection of dresses and hats for us to dress up in and we were also given our own lipstick and blush to keep after we did our make-up. I know this because I, for whatever reason, still have it. It's been 20 years... The four of us sat around the table in our fancy dresses and hats and giggled while we were served tea and bit sized peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. She even taught us about the use of fans and where to place our spoons. While I knew this Christmas tea wouldn't be extravagant like my birthday party tea, I knew Charlotte would still enjoy it. 
The Christmas tea were were invited to was at the Old Flynn Ranch, which was established in 1872. Lots of history there and it made to be the perfect setting. 
I hadn't bought Charlotte a Christmas dress yet, so earlier this week the two of us went shopping for a fancy dress. She was just too cute! The entire week all she spoke about was her upcoming tea party.
Shortly after we arrived, we were seated and Charlotte was brought her own tea pot to use, which meant she was to put her pouring skills to work. She was given hot chocolate instead of tea, and to say that she loves hot chocolate would be an understatement. I poured her first cup for her because it was pretty warm and full. When she was done with her first cup, Aunt Kim attempted to minimally help her with the second cup and in turned had a little mishap. Bless her heart though the first thing Charlotte grabbed for was her napkin. She has such good manners!  
It was so much fun to watch her with her tea pot. She has a tea pot and tea cups for the tub, and every bath session I'm offered a cup of tea or coffee, so she's had lot of practice. 
It was a nice morning with the girls and we were so sad we were short one sister. Maybe next year?
By the end of the party Charlotte's spot was looking a little rough, but the sweet ladies there assured us it was okay and they expected her to spill so they had extra table linens ready. We were served a selection of savories, sandwiches, and sweets, but Charlotte only had a few bites here and there. Luckily I brought a box of raisins along just in case. 
I also cashed in on my opportunity to get a couple mommy-daughter photos :) Thanks for the fun morning mom!

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