Thursday, July 26, 2018

A Few Memories from June

I’ve been a little behind in the blogging world, but there were a few photos I want to share (out of order 🙄) that I would like to be able to look back on and go, “ahhhh!!! They were so little!” So without delay, here are the bambino’s graduation pictures from June.
Seriously, they are adorable. Never mind the fact that I did again bribe the boys with candy to look decent. Please also note, HD was cranky as &!*% and the only way I could get him to smile was by saying, “Please don’t make me say poop to you.” Or just simply “oh diarrhea.” Then he would start giggling and moving, which then made the picture blurry. 🙄 But JP and Ms. Gail! 😍😍
 Also in June, Grandma came to visit when our trip to Spokane was canceled. We spent the afternoon checking out a park in the area that we hadn’t been to before. It did not disappoint and wasn’t too far from our home!
HD had his first post-diagnosis doctor appointment in June as well. SPD got the best of us that morning. I felt like dying. He was bouncing around the room like a frog all the while making monkey noises. I think one of my eye daggers hit him because he did simmer down for a hot minute but then he moved on to making himself burp. The doctor thought it was funny. I did not. However, on a more positive note, his A1C was down to 7.5. His A1C is an average of his blood sugar measurements for the last three months. In the hospital two months prior, it was off their measurable chart of 14.5, which correlated to roughly an average blood sugar of above 400. A 7.5 is roughly a blood sugar average of about 150, and that number still had one month of undiagnosed, super high blood sugar factored into it. His doctor wants his A1C between 6.5-7.5, I believe, so it appears we're managing well, for now.
On another note, I came home to this mess one day. I walked in and my jaw dropped. I don't know if they were looking for something in the burn drawer, but we had paper everywhere. Before I could even say a word, HD showed me the video he took of his eagle. Story has it that when all the scrap paper was out of the drawer, he thought it would be fun to make a snow angel, but instead of it making an angel, it actually made an eagle. He was over the moon about this.
I often feel like I'm winning when my kids get excited to go to the library. We hadn't been to this one before, but they instinctively knew where the tablets were. Imagine my surprise when it was time to go, and Ms. Gail was *so* upset there wasn't time for her to look at books. I wonder why?
One of the final projects of the year for second graders is learning about their community. In this project they created their own business to put on Main Street. JP made a store called Jim's Electronics. The whole thing was adorable, especially because he hire me to work there, but this page cracked me up. "The very best thing about my community is griffitti." I just love the BFF's and the skull and crossbones for his picture of graffiti!
On one of Ms. Gail's last days of school, I accompanied her and her class to the zoo for the morning. We had so much fun hanging out with her friends and their moms. We did get separated for a little bit, but it gave her and I the opportunity to spend some time together. during which she touched a snake! Right next to the snake exhibit was the cat house. Of all the animals she could admire at the zoo, she was stuck on watching the orange tabby cat sleep on a cushion. Go figure!
I also accompanied HD and his class to the Rice Rock Museum in Hillsboro, OR. Funny thing. I took that Friday off of work to go on the field trip because EVERYTHING sent home said Friday. I show up Friday, and his teacher looks at me and says, "Uh, what can I help you with?" I'm here for the field trip...? "Oh...that's on Tuesday" I was livid. I was scheduled to work Tuesday and had to find someone to cover for me, otherwise HD couldn't go on his trip, because the nurse wasn't available to go. Don't even get me started on how frustrating that was. On our lunch break at the museum, his friends witnessed him giving himself a dose of insulin and all their eyes got HUGE. I can imagine that none of them know what diabetes is, but I could tell HD felt like a "cool kid" in that moment.
How could I not share this one? JP still enjoys dressing up like "princess" Dorothy and HD's Cinderella dress is finally getting a bit short on him!
I'm going to finish this random post with two pictures of Ms. Gail. This first one was at her tea party. She's so stinking cute! This last one I took of her is after we arrived home from KINDERGARTEN orientation! My baby is growing up too fast!

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