Thursday, September 13, 2018

A Wedding in Missoula, MT

Over the Labor Day weekend, we packed up the kids and traveled back to Montana to celebrate my sister, Kim, who was marrying her best friend of five years. We had been waiting in anticipation for this day for quite a while. I now have four brothers!! Yahoo!!

We were planning on sending the kids to school for a little bit Thursday morning while we packed the van up, but because the teachers were on strike I didn’t have to worry about breaking their perfect attendance in the first week of school. We were able to leave earlier than planned so there wasn’t a big rush to get there, though we had to do it all in one day regardless.

There were several stops for food breaks but we didn’t really take a big break until we made it to the Washington-Idaho state line. After a few attempts, we found an actual park to to run around in. (Turns out google maps can be a little deceiving!)

If I lived in the area, this would be my go-to-park. I don't recall there being playground equipment, but it was perfect for walking around, throwing a football, and just relaxing by the river. It was a gold mine! We spent far too long playing the football catching game "500". It was PAINFUL! Perry was the designated quarterback, and no one could catch a darn thing. If they were on track to catch it, it ended up bouncing off their face or going straight through their arms. Painful but comical.
 In between naps, we listened to a few audio books. On our way home from Newport, we listened to Hank the Cowdog and only had a little bit left in that one. Perry was annoyed we had to finish it just as he was closing his eyes for a nap. Between Idaho and Montana, we listened to James and the Giant Peach. I thought JP would like it.
 Even with all the sleeping on the way, the kids were zonked by the time we pulled in to Missoula, around 10pm. I don't blame them!
 While Perry and I ran off to a meeting first thing Friday morning, Nanny took the kids to the nearby park and ended up burying one of my children. The cousins thought this was pretty funny! JP is clearly missing the beach life.
 We had a little bit of time to spare before heading out to Kim house, so I opted for us to head to the golf course. This was probably the last course we had golfed, and that was two years ago! We've been meaning to get out, but I haven't been able to find a course that will allow kids to ride along.
 Each time we take HD golfing I am blown away by his hand eye coordination. Seriously. This kid is a rock star at golf. I struggled and he kept right up.
 Like, I mean I really struggled. HD nearly BEAT ME. I'm going to blame it all on my bad muscle memory.
 Saturday morning, Perry took the boys out to the golf course with the groom, his groomsmen, brother-in-law, and Papa Craig. I'm not entirely sure how the morning went because the girls were getting their nails done. Ms. Gail was spending quality time with her aunts and her newest cousin, who we just now finally met!
Ms. Gail was so patient the entire time we were there so the owner gave her a free manicure. SHE WAS IN LOVE WITH HER NAILS! I myself was slightly jealous.... 
 After a little diabetic heart attack that afternoon, I was reunited with HD. He was fine, but when those sirens go off on my phone...oh Lord help me! We spent the entire Saturday evening at Kim's house practicing for the wedding. The rehearsal was very straight forward, but my sister Kile panicked us thinking Kim didn't have a marriage license ready to sign. 
 After staying up a little too late baking and decorating the wedding cake, I made it out to the "White Raven" to start getting ready for the day. It was nice to hang out and just relax that morning.
 When my hair was completed I left the bridal room to go grab Kim so her hair could start getting curled. As soon as I opened the door, Kim went jogging past on her way outside, panic on her face as she just realized her dogs had arrived and immediately jumped into the pond. Luckily the photographer caught it all on film! (He shot my wedding, Kile's wedding, Perry's sister's wedding, now Kim's and next year he'll shoot Robin's too! Perry and I hold a record for reoccurring wedding guests he's photographed. #winning)
 Aren't we just so cute? I made him kiss me. I think I could feel his eyes rolling into his head. Hahahaha!
 I didn't snag a picture when the cake was done, but here was final cake, less one piece.
 Look at all of us grown up! Kim was such a beautiful bride! It's no wonder my co-workers referred to her as "the pretty one!" She's a bombshell!
 I had so much fun at the wedding. I'm glad Robin is getting married soon because I think wedding are so much fun! Honestly, I wish I could re-marry Perry just for the good times. My wedding was the first one I had really been to as an adult. They keep getting more and more fun!
Those boys of my just melt my heart!! And Ms. Gail <3 p="">
We made it home relatively early Monday evening so we had a movie night and watched "Indian in the Cupboard" because we had finished that audio book on our way to Newport earlier in the summer. Ms. Gail was soooo exhausted she couldn't make it through the movie. Is there anything sweeter than a child falling asleep on you? <3 p="">

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