Saturday, September 22, 2012

I'm a Student Again!

One of my goals this year was to take 3 classes from the Adult Learning Center. I might have procrastinated a little bit on that one...but for good reasons other than being busy! 
For one, the classes that do interest me require me to buy a $300 program that I would only use in class. Feels like a little bit a waste to me...Secondly is my schedule. I took a new job, which began in July. It's been going good so far, and has allowed me to set my own schedule. In theory its awesome, but when my husbands schedule floats, mine tends to as well. Quite annoying. So with that said, I have had a hard time committing to long term things because my days off and his days off are always changing. If I signed up for, say a Thursday evening class, I would probably be able to make it to a few, but would then have to find a babysitter for rest, which is a challenge in of itself (especially when bedtime is involved!).
Over Labor Day weekend, my sister Kile, came to visit. During an evening of talking, we made it to the topic of school and how I would like to go back at some point. I've labeled myself as a "numbers person" for quite some time. If I was to go back to college, I would go back for a degree in accounting. With that said, she suggested I take the H&R Block Tax Class. I checked it out and didn't have much time to think about it. But I enrolled a few a days later. 
In theory, if I pass the class, I would be eligible for employment with H&R Block during the tax season. Although I'm semi-interested in doing so, I signed up just so I could learn something. My classmates couldn't comprehend that I wasn't taking it for the money.
My first day of class was September 10th. We meet three days a week for 3 hours, which isn't too bad. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. (I've had to cut my hours back a little bit at work for the time being, but I'm okay with that.) On my first day, I arrived about 10 minutes early and was greeted by my instructor, and two older people. A few minutes later another older person comes in. And then another one, and I'm thinking "Oh good, I'm going to be the youngest by about 40 years. Awesome." But then luckily a girl who just graduated college came in, followed by a guy who is probably 22? The class is clearly divided too. Old peeps over there, young peeps over here. We started with a total of 7 of us, but an older lady quit a few classes in after learning the pay. I wish more would quit.
Old man Loren - In his 70's. Balding, but does the comb over to cover it up with the little amount of hair left. Eyes always wide open, like a deer caught in the headlights. When I glance around the room, he is either chewing his fingers, or scrunching his nose. *Very* political. Confuses the other seniors with his political rantings about the 80's. Sometimes I think he purposely asks confusing questions just to get everyone else confused. Why do I say that? Because he's been known to ask questions and then listen to Nancy and Peggy argue about the answer while he sits back and smiles. It's ridiculous. What's even more annoying is that after our instructor answers a question, he will answer it again, but will word it differently. And will talk louder, like he thought of it first. 
Peggy - I'm guessing 65. Retired CPA. Used to do taxes for H&R Block a few years back. Pretty knowledgeable. She's cool.
Nancy - I'm guessing early 70's. I'm also guessing that her hair style hasn't changed since the 70's. She gets confused *really* easily. She makes up ridiculous scenarios just to see what the outcome would be and then gets annoyed when our instructor can't or won't answer the question. "So you mean to say that I can't claim my sister's sister-in-law's daughter as a qualifying child on my tax return?" GAH! "I found an error on this form. It says "include on line 38" but really it should say "enter on line 38" because every other form says enter." We literally had to discuss the difference between the two words...for 20 minutes. She's notorious for finding errors, rather, assuming things are errors. She's shakes her head in disbelief a lot. 
Overall, I would say I'm enjoying the class, but not so much enjoying class time. I think I have deep sighed 100 times already because we have a hard time keeping on track. Here's how class seems to go: Topic A --> Topic A Questions --> Topic B ---> More Topic A Questions ---> Questions about things 5 chapters from now --> Topic C ---> More Topic A Questions ---> Topic D Questions ---> Back to Topic C lecture --> Topic B questions ---> Now Topic D ....  And its not like our instructor is rushing to the next topic. We spend lots of time answering questions before moving on. I feel like we "beat a lot of dead horses" in this class. 
I don't know. Maybe its just me, but I'm not finding this stuff too complex. Its a little frustrating to talk about stuff that is what it is. I guess I've been taking the book as it is what it is. If it says something, I assume its correct. Or maybe I just don't have time to check the validity of everything. After all, I am the only one with kids...and a full time job in class.  

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