Saturday, May 7, 2016

Monkey Shiner Babblings

M - *to the baby* What's wrong princess?
C - Mom!  She is NOT a princess! Her mom is not even a queen!

We moved Charlotte's to the basement and while bringing her stuff down, Mom asked her opinion.
M - Charli, where do you want to put your dress up trunk? Would this be a good spot?
C - Yes, mom, that would be a fine choice!
M - And what about your kitchen? How about in the corner?
C - Why yes, that would also be a fine choice!

While out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant:
H - Mom! I just ate one of those flat noodles in my soup and I didn't even know it was on my spoon!
M - That actually wasn't a noodle. It was a piece of bamboo. Do you know what bamboo is?
J - Wait. Isn't that the stuff that panda bears eat?
M - That would be the stuff.
J - So you're telling me we're eating outside food?
M - Actually just about all the food you eat is outside food. Carrots, broccoli, potatoes, fruit... Did I just blow your mind?
J - *nods slowly with eyes wide*

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