Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Football + Lacamas Lake Park + Father's Day

Sunday was a busy day for us! With it being Father's Day, I wanted it to be a little more relaxing for Perry instead of go-go-go. But I think it's safe to say, everyone had a fun day.
We thought JP's last football was the weekend before but they sprung another one on us. He and HD have improved SO MUCH over the course of the season.

This weekend was also HD's championship game. They had only lost their first game this season and had the best record overall. He was so so so excited for his game! And they won too! Immediately following the games, was JP's end of season football party, clear across town. He rode their with a friend so he had plenty of time to play while we watched HD's game. We planned that perfectly as then we only had to stay for half an hour :)
Last week my parents made a quick trip out to see us and on Wednesday (the only nice day they were here) I took them to Lacamas Lake Park about half an hour away from here to do some exploring.
Trying to find something my dad will enjoy is a challenge, so I opted for a little hike to see a couple waterfalls. It was so nice to get outside for the afternoon!

With that little hiking adventure under my belt, I wanted to take the boys to see the waterfalls too. After finishing a few things up at the house, we packed up and headed out for a Father's Day adventure with Perry. Because Ms. Gail and I already saw Lower Falls and Pothole Falls, we decided to hike to Woodburns Falls.

Just before we got to the falls, there was a fork in the road. We happened to pick the one to take us to the falls, but on the way back, we decided to take the other one to see if it would lead us to the top of the falls. It didn't. We hiked and hiked and hiked, and then took a dead end trail for a while and finally made it to Lower Falls. By that point, Charlotte had slipped a few times and was a muddy mess, and her little legs were getting tired. Quite frankly, mine were too, so I was able to successfully lead us back to the beginning of the trails. Without Perry though, I'd have been lost out there. My sense of direction in the woods is terrible!
Just as we were pulling back into town, all three kiddos passed out in car. I suspected Ms. Gail would, with the possibility of JP too as he was getting pretty sluggish towards the end, but was surprised to see HD conked out too! I had dinner planned for the night, but with our hike taking longer than expected we grabbed some food to go and had a little picnic in the front yard.

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