Sunday, June 4, 2017

A Kittie Party on Mothers Day

Ms. Gail had been counting down to her 4th birthday pretty much since she turned 3. For her, it's been helpful to count the long length of time by reminding her who's birthdays have to come first before she have another. With every birthday marked off the calendar she quickly became more and more excited to turn 4. I'm sure, for the last 3 months, she reminded me her birthday was coming soon every day, since JP and myself already had our birthdays.

Last year she really wanted a Minnie Mouse cake, but changed her mind a couple days before hand and switched it to a Cinderella cake. Ever since, she's been a bit sad and confused why she didn't get a Minnie Mouse cake for her birthday so I was prepared to theme her cake as such this year. She pulled the switcher-roo on me again though after she typed "C-A-T" into Pinterest to look at cat pictures and stumbled upon a cat cake. And then we were done. There was no changing her mind at all. She wanted a cat cake for her birthday.

Because I'm still new to the area, and don't know many people, her party wasn't much. We did plan it for a Sunday though so her cousin and auntie could come celebrate with her. Nanny and Grandma were also able to make it to her little party, along with my Aunt who road-tripped out with my mom, and also my cousin who lives in Portland.

Aunt Bobby was going to come out for her birthday as well, but decided to come a week so she could spend a little extra time with the kids. (And because Perry and I needed a sitter!) Before Aunt Bobby left, we took Ms. Gail to a nail salon to get her toes painted. She did so good! She acted like a little princess! Because she wasn't tall enough to have to toes soak in the tub, the technician had a bit of extra time so Ms. Gail also got her finger nails paint too. She was pretty spoiled!
I spent the majority of her actual birthday working on the cake. Due to some health issues (I'm sure I'll write about them later), I was *extremely* tired, and my new medicine was making me irritable, so that was awesome... Around lunch time, JP gave her some flowers for her birthday. Last year she requested HD give her flowers, but we decided to have them alternated each year. She loved it! 
Then we brought in our present for her to open. She had been asking and asking for a kitchen, so we caved.What she didn't know, was that the box was empty because Perry had assembled it the night before. She was pretty mad when she opened the box to find it empty. Lol.  

Her kitchen came with a little play phone too so she spent the next several days calling and texting everyone, as in "I can't come to eat yet! I'm texting someone!"

We all took a break in afternoon from being cooped up in the house to go see Beauty + the Beast while it was still in theatres. I loved the cartoon version, and loved this one as well! I spent the remainder of the evening putting together all the kitties for her cake and probably stayed up a bit too late doing it too!

The kitties are a little hard to see, but I ended up making replicas of some of her kitties. Baby Booties and Mama Booties, of course, made the cake. She loved them all, and really enjoyed checking on their progress throughout the evening.

 In the morning between football games, I let Ms. Gail help finish up the cake by decorating it a bit more. I had added some pearls to the side of the cake the night before, but I knew having sprinkles on her cake was important for her, so I let her do the sprinkling, before my OCD kicked in. She also took great pride in arranging the kitties on the cake. When all the kitties were where they needed to be, she looked at it and exclaimed, "Oh wow! It's like a cat party on my cake!"
Seriously, how is she FOUR already?!
We're now 3 weeks into being a four-year old and she's already planning her next birthday and insisted we put up her birthday count-down in the kitchen... I keep reminding her, let's be four for a while before we start thinking about being five, shall we?

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