Friday, March 2, 2012

Sleep Training Tips From Super Nanny

I've heard lots of positive things about Super Nanny's sleep training techniques. It's easier said than done! For those of you who aren't familiar, you go through your normal routine, and then when it's time for you to leave the room, you tell them something along the lines of "Good night" with a hug and a kiss. And then leave. If they get out of their bed you just put them back- without saying anything. There are versions of it where you can sit in your child's room until they fall asleep, each time sitting closer and closer to the door until eventually you don't have to sit anymore. 
Needless to say, we're on the "sit on the floor" part. Tonight was my first night trying it out. Here's how it all went down:

7:00 - Pajama's on
7:15 - Brush teeth
7:20 - Clean up boys' room
7:25 - Find Hunter in the kitchen eating a cupcake...
7:30 - To bed for the boys. [Hunter was going to get to stay up with mommy but the cupcake thing pushed her buttons]
7:33 - Read JP "Happy Man and His Dump Truck" [his favorite!]
7:40 - Read Hunter "The Color Kittens" and "Goodnight Little Bear"
7:50 - Lights out - Mom sits by the door

Here's where it gets tricky!

7:50:01 - JP - Want dog!
 H - No, it's my dog!
 J- It's mine!
 H - It's not your dog Jim!
 J- MY dog!
x 5 minutes....
Mom takes said dog from Hunter and puts it up. Lots of tears from both boys. Arguing continues...

8:00 - Somehow changes topic to wanting to go potty.
 H - Mom I have to go potty!
 J - Go potty!
 H - Gotta go potty mom!
 J - Go pee pee
 H - It's not pee pee. It's POTTY!
 J- I go pee pee too!
 H - No I have to go potty!
 J- I go potty!
8:07 - Hunter gets to go upstairs to go potty...he actually went...considering how potty training is going, a BIG surprise.

8:10 - Hunter is back in bed. And then jumping on the bed. And then coaxing JP to come to his bed...which he did. And was sent back bed. They then began to complain about being hungry, which was simply Hunter just quoting 101 Dalmatians.

The next twenty minutes was mommy laying Hunter and JP down in their beds. They only got out a couple times, but would sit up or hop around a lot, which warranted intervention.

8:30 -
 H - Mom I have a bloody nose! [This kid has never had one was clearly not worried]
 J - I have bloody...nose
 H - No you don't Jim, I do!
 J- I bleed!
 H- Mommy my nose is bleeding! 
 J- My nose bleed!
[This goes on for quite some time]
 H- No it's not Jim! My nose is bleeding!
 J- Need band aide
 H- No Jim MY nose is bleeding!
 J- SpongeBob  band aide
 H- No I need the band aide!
 J- Need band aide for my eye!
 H- You don't need a band aide for your eye Jim!
 J- Need it for my face!
8:45 H-No Jim! Now you be quiet!
 J- You be quiet!
 H- Jim I told you. You be quiet. I be quiet. Mommy be's quiet.
 J- Where mommy go?
 H- Mommy is sitting in the chair watching us sleep Jim. Now I said be quiet!

And what do you know? I have two sleeping boys by 9:15. Maybe before then...I nodded off after Hunter told JP to bed quiet. Didn't hear another peep out him. JP fussed about a bit longer giggling to himself. 

I broke the rules a few times, reminding JP that he had to lay down and be quiet. I told Hunter I wasn't going to lay with him. I told him it was time to lay down...It wasn't perfect. But I think I did pretty good considering I was in there for about an hour and a half! I know I missed a few arguments in there too! They also discussed where they wanted me to sit, ie on the floor or in the chair, and how they wanted the light on. Listening to them was quiet humorous! I found myself trying not to laugh sometimes!

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