Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Little Super Heroes

Recently my boys have become very interest in super heroes  Hunter is in love with Spiderman and JP has been enjoying his "fireman", know to us as Ironman. A few months ago, when I was completely addicted to Pinterest, I found these super cute tutorials on how to create super hero masks. You can find my Pinterest boards here. But here is the link to make the masks yourself! There is also how-to's on Princess crowns as well! 
I don't sew very often because it usually turns out horrible whenever my boys are around. It doesn't help that they *love* to cut and will cut anything they see! Ergh! Luckily the masks made it to the end! The templates I printed, however, did not...thank goodness they are re-printable! 

These are my little super heroes that have been running crazy around the house all day, the Hulk and Batman. Hunter initially wanted to be Spiderman, but I didn't have any red thread and really didn't want to take the boys to the store just for that. You can't really tell, but Hunter's left eye is still bruised, though its getting a lot better, it definitely had been a lot worse. I might make them each another for their stockings....

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