Monday, February 23, 2015

Monkey Shiner Babblings

M - Oh! Charli! You stink! Did you go poo poo?
C - NO!
M - I'm pretty sure you did. You're really stinky!
C - *holding her baby* Baby poop
M - No, Charli poop!

M- I really like those new pants on you.
J- I DONT! The only thing I like about that I can hide SUCKERS in them!
M- You probably shouldn't tell mom that...
J- Well... They have big pockets!

Hunter walks into the bathroom, unannounced, and finds mom leaning over the sink looking in the mirror.
H - Hey mom, why are you popping your nipples?
M - My what?!
H - Your nipples. 
M - I'm not. Do you you even know what a nipple is?
H - It's on your body...
M - Yeah, lift up your shirt and I'll show you.
H - Oh yeah! These are them! 
M - So yeah, I wasn't popping my nipples....I was popping my zits. Big difference bud. The last thing I need is for you to go to school and tell your teacher I was popping my nipples...

A few things about Charlotte that need to be mentioned...
-When she's done eating, she'll yell "I'm DONE!!!" at the top of her lungs. It usually comes out of no where, but it actually sounds like she's yelling "I'm DUMB!" which of course makes her brothers die of laughter. Every time.
-Since we cloth diaper, I dump her poo into the toilet (your supposed to with disposables too...) and this whole process is so exciting for her. We walk her poo to the toilet, dump it in, and as she flushes it down, she says, "Bye poop!" really excitedly. And then she's over it. Perry left for Spokane the other week and I said, "Say 'bye' to daddy" and she did. She said 'bye' and as soon as the door shut a few seconds later she said "poop". Later that week she flat out said "bye poop" to Nanny. Oops. 
-It's adorable how many times during the day she mixes up her brothers...

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