Thursday, August 28, 2014

I Officially Have a KINDERGARTNER!!

I've been in denial for quite awhile about Hunter being in Kindergarten this year. In fact, he's at school now, and even though JP and B are still home, I feel....empty? I don't know if that's the right word, but I feel like something is missing. Yet, at the same time, I feel calm, which is a HUGE 360 from yesterday.
 Yesterday was his first day of school, but for Kindergartners, parents come with on the first day to help ease them into school. Both of us were SO excited while we counted the days down for the last two weeks!
 We had a great morning, better than I expected it to go! I went down to wake him up and just as I was walking into his room, he was coming out, fully dressed. Yessss!! We didn't have to fight about breakfast either. YESSS!!! We had plenty of time for pictures too!
 When Aunt Kim came over to watch JP and Kiki, she even snapped a few of me with my big kid! And then off to school we went, and that's when things started going downhill... He wanted to sit in JP's carseat, and was mad he couldn't get it buckled...We had to park around the block and he "didn't want to walk that far!!"... "I don't want to line up, I want to play!" When we finally did line up, "MOM! Walk FASTER!" Hunter, there are people in front of us, we need to use our patience... It was one thing after another. I was frustrated to the max with him by the end of the morning. At one point I wanted to leave and just cry.  
I know he was nervous. He didn't want to let go of my hand for a second, which was super frustrating. He couldn't sit on the carpet for a story without me. When I gave in, he refused to just sit there; instead he HAD to lay on me and wave his pipecleaners around. Please stop, you're poking the kid in front of you. "No! These are my swords!" Gahh! After the story, the kids followed their teacher around the room in a line singing songs. Not Hunter. "I don't WANT to do that!" I was surprised that he willingly let go of me and went to the library with his 'mates. (I'll assume he did just fine there.) Upon his arrival back to class, he put up a stink about making a craft, which really surprised me because he loves to craft and glue stuff together. We he finally decided he would make it, he picked out the glue he wanted to use and began, but threw a fit a few minutes later because he wanted to use the girl next to us's glue. And then he just got up and left to go play bean bags. Why is my kid the only one in the class acting like this?! After the craft was done, they had another story, and he willingly let go and sat down in the front row (and flipped threw her folders the whole story). 

Maybe I put too much pressure on his first day going smoothly. Maybe my expectations of him were too high. Usually when it's just Hunter and mom, he is a great kid. He listens, he's respectful, he's fun to be around. It's when he's with his brother that he starts acting out. I was a little taken back by how his morning at school went. It kind of goes with out say that his attitude carried on throughout the rest of day too. I was beyond frustrated with him. I wanted his first day of school to be a memory I wanted to remember. Now I'm just hopeful the rest of the year goes 100% better. 

 This morning went much better too! Hunter's school qualifies for a special program allowing all the students, low income or not, to receive free breakfast and lunches. He decided this morning that he wanted to try out the school breakfast so all he had to do was get dressed, brush his teeth and grab his backpack. He was still up WAY too early, but I'm okay with that. He was very anxious to get out the door when he saw he saw his neighborhood friends walking to the bus. JP decided to stay home, but Charlotte and I took him to the bus stop at the end of the road. He was SO excited to push B in the stroller that he forgot about walking with his friends.  
 There was probably about 12 kids at our bus stop. While he waited he played with the other kids, and as soon as the bus came, he got in line and hopped on. 
He didn't say good-bye or even throw me a wave! I'm pretty sad about that! But good grief is my house quiet now!

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