Friday, January 23, 2015

Hunter's 2nd Kiwi Crate Box

One of our Christmas gifts to the kids were monthly boxes. I heard from a former co-worker of mine that her boyfriend's son loved getting his Kiwi Crate every month. It's filled with different projects to do. Last month when I received theirs in the mail, I wrapped them and put them under the tree (only after I peeked inside first! Shhh!) There is a few different companies that do these sort of boxes, so I signed the kids up each with a different company to see which one I liked. JP gets a Citrus Lane box (HIGHLY recommend) and Charlotte has been getting a Bluum box. 
 In Hunter's first box, he received supplies to build a snowman out of boxes and some miscellaneous stuff to make a couple paper lanterns. He had fun with them, especially since his box came with a ball so he could knock his snowman down... This month's box was themed, "Let's Bake" and I was a little nervous how it would go over. Silly me! They sent along two small bags of "frosting," which was actually more like glue. As soon as he saw that, it was confirmed that it was a hit.
 And we immediately had to make the cake. There was foam pieces to glue together using the frosting and craft sticks to spread it around. I felt bad for JP because he couldn't help out since it was Hunter's project. JP received his box in the mail a few days ago and has been in love with his Plus-Plus blocks. (I ordered more for his upcoming birthday!)
 Hunter had so much fun frosting his cake. And there was frosting glue everywhere to show for it.
 His cake looked pretty decent until I told him I wanted to take a picture of him with it...then he started wrecking it. Hunter Hunter Hunter.....
Nanny was on her way home from Spokane and stopped in to surprise us all too!

I figure next Thursday (because it's early out day) we'll work on the other project in Hunter's box. I haven't decided which box I like best but when comparing Kiwi crate vs. Citrus Lane, I think I picked correctly for each kid. Hunter is a hands on kid whereas JP enjoys playing alone, so it works that Kiwi Crate is activity based whereas Citrus Lane is more product based. Bluum boxes are product based too. Charlotte has gotten a new book in each of her boxes, a Minnie Mouse (that she loves!) this month, and a weeble wobble owl (that she equally loves) and a few other miscellaneous things last month. 

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