Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Monkey Shiner Babblings

I'm on the toilet and inconsiderate JP comes busting into the bathroom.
J - Mom, I want to dig for dinosaur bones when I grow up.
M - Oh, so you want to be an archaeologist?
J - *looks down and whispers* Don't you mean a paleontologist?
M - What? Yes, that's what I said...
J - No you didn't.
M - How about you get out so I can poop alone this time?

M - What'd you do in art this week with Ms. Horning?
H - It's Ms. Horny!
M - Pretty sure it's Horning.
H - No, it's Horny!
M - Ms. Lubke wrote, "Ask about art with Ms. Horning." I'm pretty sure she knows the art teacher's name.
H - It's Ms. Horny, Mom! I said, Ms. Horny can you help me? And she did. It's Ms. Horny.
M - How about you just call her teacher then...

The boys made a tent in the living room last week. I was going to scare JP who was already inside, when Hunter started shouting at me. "No mom no! You're too fat! You're going to wreck it!" Thanks bud.

We went to Aunt Kim's house to watch the Oregon ducks play the other week. Some cheerleaders came on tv and we told the boys they were called cheerleaders. Hunter goes, "OOOOO" and everyone bust up laughing, obviously, he's a 6 year old boy. Later a commercial with Hooter's girls came on and Perry says, "Hunter those aren't cheerleaders." To which he replied, "Yes they are! They get you excited!" True I guess...hahaha!

J - Hahaha! Look! Charli has dandelion hair!

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