Friday, January 23, 2015

Charlotte Had Her First Haircut!

I'm feeling a little sad today, but I did it to myself. I finally broke down and had Charlotte get her first haircut. Other moms I talked to about hair said their daughter/s did get their hair cut until they were 3 or 4 years old. I would LOVE for Charlotte to have long pretty hair, but I can't imagine waiting that long to cut her hair. So I caved a little...I see pictures of cousin Casey with his haircut and he looks like a big kid now, so I figured it was time for Charlotte to get hers trimmed too. What I didn't realize was that a haircut came with some *major* attitude. I didn't know I was paying for that too...Can I get a refund?!
 She looks like this on an almost daily basis, when she doesn't let me pull her hair back. (It's adorbs when it's in a pony tail!) She woke up this morning and looked like she had been hit by a bus. That confirmed it - she need some work done on her bangs. 
 A good friend of mine has a sister who works as a hair dresser so I took Charlotte to her. I thought Charlotte would be okay sitting in the booster seat, but she was not having it. So I forgo-ed my first haircut pictures, caped up, and sat her on my lap. She did pretty good. She was *very* interested in what was going on around her so her head kept moving. But Dani got the job done :)
 And she's a little doll! I was hesitant to have her cut her curls off to even everything up, so I instead opted for her to trim them up a bit so I could still pull her hair into a pony tail when needed. 
There's my big girl! And in case you need a little laugh today, here is a video of her dancing. She loves to dance! I love to watch her - especially when she busts out something that looks like the chicken dance!

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