Sunday, April 24, 2016

I Survived Spring Break!

Technically spring break began about three weeks ago, but it's taken me an extra two weeks to recover. I'm so drained. The boys had a half day of school on Thursday, which actually means they went to school for 2.5 hours and then spring break started. 

10 days of chaos is what ensued after they hopped off the bus at 11:25 and stayed home alone for 20 minutes. 20 minutes is all it took for them to have their sack lunches strung across the living room. It took the rest of the day to clean it up because Hunter and JP decided they were going to play a game they made up called, "Travel". They've only played it once but I loved it.
 Here they are ready to start the game. JP told me they were traveling to Alaska and that they wouldn't be back until dinner time. There was only one rule in the game - you have to stay outside all day. (Hence why he'd be back for dinner!)
 They each hauled out, what felt like both of their bedrooms, to the back yard and laid there for quite some time, and then fought with Charli when she decided she want to play. 
 Come nightfall, I agreed to let the boys sleep on the deck. I believe the temperature dropped down to about 36* by morning, but JP stayed out all night. Hunter came in at some point. 
Friday was April Fool's Day. I normally don't prank the kids because they've ever really understood the day. This year however they stumbled upon the meaning while at school. Thursday was filled with "April Fools!!!" after everything they said, so I figured this year I'd prank them. They're long over due. I saw the oreos filled with toothpaste somewhere online, and knew I could get them with it. I filled three and let the kids have a cookie for dessert. Of course I filmed it and though they're reaction wasn't quite what I expected, I realized three weeks later, that JP actually ate it!
 On Monday of spring break, I took all three kids to Costco to get a membership, I had been putting it off so I figured now was as good of a time as any. Plus, I had to kill some time as we waited for the waterslides to shut off at the hotel so we could go swimming. If the slides are on, I have to get in to pull Charlotte out of the way of the slides, but if they're off, I can put her in a life jacket and observe from the lounge chair. Charlotte absolutely loves swimming!
 Hunter doesn't actually need a life jacket in the pool but he insists. LOOK AT THOSE CURLS!
 JP likes to just jump on his life jacket from the side of the pool. Over and over I told him to knock it off before he got hurt, and then he almost knocked his head on the edge. Ugh. They also fought most of the time over the green goggles, that were more yellow than anything...
 By Thursday afternoon, we were all getting restless in the house so we took a trip to McClay's Flats and hung out by the river for a while. 
 This is what happens when Hunter's hair is straighten. I may or may not have bribed him to let me...
 The boys spent their time digging holes and playing with the poop bag JP insisted he needed. 
 Hunter's soccer coach called first thing on Friday morning to let us know his first practice would be that night. We made it work, but we already had plans on going to circus with Grandma. To say Charlotte was excited would be an understatement. 
 All the kids were shocked to see "Roxy" in the circus! Hahaha! They were pretty confused! Some of the stunts the people do make me nervous and sick and I have a hard time watching. The aerial acrobats were pretty fun to watch though.  
 We also enjoyed watching the camel prance around with the horses and ponies. He seemed a little stuck-up and better than the others!
My favorite was the dancing elephants! I just love elephants! I almost went down and bought a ticket to ride one, but it was getting late and the kids were getting antsy. The show didn't get over until about 9:45p so we had a few tired kids on our hands. Hunter spent the weekend with Grandma and had fun at the cabin. JP was super excited to hear that his *best* friend from school lived only a few blocks away and that he wanted him to come play Saturday afternoon. JP was bouncing off the walls! 

As for me, I managed to get a bunch of quilting done on Britta's quilt. I'm happy to announce I finished it the other week, and have already moved on to another quilt! Between quilting and babysitting, I'm exhausted!

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