Monday, April 24, 2017

More Football, Less Teeth, and No Covers

It's been a busy few weeks here now that football is taking over our lives. I didn't expect so much practice time when we signed the kids up earlier this winter. Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday I'm scrambling to figure out an easy meal that's quick to prepare and still relatively healthy. We're about a month in, and I have several go-to meals but I can imagine they're going to get old pretty fast...

We had a week off of games in lieu of Easter and had pictures yesterday before the games. HD's team was the first team up on the docket so they had to be to the field by 7:15, though their game wasn't until 9:00a. Luckily Perry ended up taking him and leaving me with the other two so they could sleep an extra hour. I also realized the night before that this was HD's snack week, so I needed time to pick something up from the store before leaving. We were running late, like usual, because JP forgot his mouth guard at home, along with his water bottle...We made it just in time for the beginning of HD's game, but I had to hang with JP to make sure he'd push up his glasses for pictures.
I thought it might have just been a fluke last game when he was matched up against the biggest kid on the opposite team, but it happened this week too. I was able to catch the second half of his game and really enjoyed watching him play. He still has a lot to work on skill wise, but he's improved a bunch already. I mean, he was actively trying to grab flag instead of just watching the action.
This week HD had a second game at the same time as JP. We lucked out having them play at fields next to each other. Let me just take a minute to tell you about the weather though. It was warmer than the previous game, but oh the rain! Perry and HD were there from 7 until about 11;15. Everyone was soaking. The ground was soaking. When you walked on the grass water would spray up and all the ground in about a 6 inch radius around your foot would move. It cleared up a bit by the time JP played but still.
This week was JP's turn to be a team captain. He co-captained with his new friend (#2) and was thrilled about it.
Sometimes it's really hard to watch JP play. He's been play on the line and doesn't really understand what he's doing. See video below. Several times I had to roll up his sleeves to get him at least looking ready to play.
Having the boys play next to each other was a blessing and a curse. Despite having MPRs, they didn't seem to play much. They were both on the bench at the same time, and when they were in, the plays move so quickly that it was hard to really watch them. For the first half of JP's game, he was playing on the line. After the half, the coach realized something wasn't working with his players so he made a quick adjustment and pulled JP back for the huddle. Of the 5 plays they ran, the first four were either handed off to someone else, or just ran. On the 5th play, I was over watching HD and was walking toward JP's field when he was handed the ball and made a dash for it. He had a flag pulled immediately, but was excited to get to touch the football. I was so excited I couldn't get my camera on and focused. I was at the wrong angle for it anyways, but still. Exciting none the less. We hope more of that happens with JP as the season continues. 

We've had other exciting news in the house too! We're losing more teeth!
 HD lost his first top tooth the day after Easter. He spent the entire evening trying to get it out. We tried pulling it and twisting it, but nothing. Then after school on Monday, he casually just pulled it out.
JP lost his first top tooth on Saturday after bugging me about wiggling it for him for the past several months. Both of his top teeth were loose though. He tried pulling it out with his Terra Climber race car, but no luck, so he also casually just pulled his out. He doesn't want to give it to the tooth fairy though... It was placed in his little treasure box under his pillow and then removed before she arrived. Instead of a coin, he was given a note saying she be back to look for it tomorrow... he hid it again. 

In other news - I think I've mentioned before that I'm having a really hard time sleeping through the night. I think it's been since maybe July since I've slept through the night without waking. I have no problem falling back to sleep, but I just tend to toss and turn all night. I've even bought a cooling pillow at who-know-what-thirty at night. It's okay. It stays cool to my face but it smells a little funky. Probably the aloe that's in it. 

But for the last several nights, Perry and I have been fighting. It's unnerving how confident he is in that he is not stealing all the covers. He refused to believe that he could ever be a cover hog. So the other morning when I woke up freezing, curled up in a little ball, I got proof.
I suck out of bed, leaving my side intact. I had a corner. I had even pulled up the quilt from the end of the bed in the middle of the night, and look where it ended up... The best part about this all was knowing I won. When I left the room, he heard the door tap the frame and he woke up, rolled over to look for me, realized he was being a hog, and tried to fix the bed to make his cover-hogging ways less obvious, as I giggled at him through the crack. The things I put up with...

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