Saturday, July 25, 2015

A Wedding for Miss Molly

Aside from swimming lessons, the other reason we took a trip to the Round House was to see a friend, who grew up with my little sister, Robin, get married. Miss Molly was like a sister to all of us growing up. (I'm sure she felt the same way too, especially since she didn't have any sisters!) Whenever she needed advice, I was her (and Robin's) go to gal. Everything was perfect! 

The wedding took place at her parent's farm north of town, and even though at point we were supposed to have a high of 70* (in JULY?!), the afternoon warmed up just enough to not be too hot. I dressed Hunter and JP for the 70* weather so they showed up in sweaters. #mommyfail. 
As soon as we arrived (an hour and a half early because my dad didn't want to be late, or stuck behind someone going 20mph on the gravel...), Hunter was ready to explore the farm. He took a liking to the big rock they had out front. JP LOVES babies. He's infatuated with them - and he's so good with them too! He loves baby Dylan and cousin Casey!
 Isn't she the cutest? I found I took more pictures of her while we were at the wedding than anything or anyone else. I couldn't resist!
 They had what I would call a "shabby chic" wedding. It looked great! Their alter was adorable!
 Halfway through the wedding, the boys were hot and tired. I love how they curled up the same on both mom and nanny. 
 Charlotte kept busy playing in the dirt at our feet. And then Hunter joined in, and then JP. During one of the really quiet spots in the wedding, Charlotte shouted, "Stop it Hunter! Please stop!" for everyone to hear. At least she has manners?
The newlyweds couldn't have picked a better day for their wedding. The day before was super windy, but the day of was perfect - as it should be! I'm so happy for these two! 
 Once the ceremony was over, everyone headed to the shops where the food & drinks and dancing was going to be held. Hunter and JP ran off to play with the other kids. Charlotte came with me to get in the food line. Lucky for her, it happened to run next to a dirt pile. The line kept moving, but she stayed put in the dirt. I left the line a few times while my mom held our place to go get a miscellaneous things, like the camera and kids. 
 Hunter and JP were in line for all of 30 seconds before they saw a cat and went chasing after it. 
 Hunter claimed it as his own and put up a fit when I told him it had to stay at the farm. He was even more crushed when one of the older kids chased it off. 
 Doesn't he look like such a big kid? #whendidthathappen
 We didn't start eating until close to 7pm, which is the kids' normal bedtime. Charlotte almost fell asleep under the table after dinner, but she pulled through and somehow stayed awake until about 10pm. 
 She spent the rest of the evening just being adorable!
 She and Hunter snuck off and found the extra coloring supplies. I love love love the sun peaking around the grain bins!
 I love everything about this one too!
 The sunset that evening was so beautiful! I hope Molly and Todd took a few wedding pictures in front of the Sweet Grass mountains at sunset!
I told you I took a lot of pictures of her! <3 p="">

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