Monday, October 26, 2015

Siemer's Pumpkin Patch + Red Wagon

While Kile and Chris prepared for Dylan's birthday party, I thought it would be fun to take the kids to pick apples. I think everyone in the family was excited to go! This was the last weekend of the Apple Festival so I figured there were still going to be a few left for picking. I was wrong. Mom fail. 
All the kids were disappointed when we had to pack up in the car. Instead of going back to Aunt Kile's, we went to a pumpkin patch which also had activities for the kids. We went there last year and rode the train but that was about it. 
We didn't buy any pumpkins this year, as we already had some at home, but we did take advantage of the games! 
Hunter and JP had the option of riding the train or going down the giant slide. They chose 30-seconds of fun.
Charlotte chose 5 minutes of fun riding "Little Toot." She was so excited! She waved and waved as they left the station. 
As the train drove around for a little bit, her thoughts about the train completely changed.
By the end, she looked terrified and was overly anxious to get out. Did you have fun? *nods head* Do you want to do it again? *Vigorously shakes head*
Before we turned to go, Perry spotted pedal cars in the corner. I completely forgot about these! They definitely got their ticket worth on these! There wasn't a line of people waiting to use them so the lady let them go around a few times. JP went around once and had to take a break. Hunter could have spent all day doing this.
They attempted to race, but Hunter cheated by cutting through the middle of the track...
They had so much fun! I kind of wanted to try them out too...
Charlotte was mad she didn't get a turn. (She wouldn't have been able to reach the pedals!) We spent about 15 minutes watching the boys go around. By the end of it, Charlotte was almost asleep in Perry's arms. If she had her blanket, she probably would have been,
We weren't the least bit surprised when she fell asleep in the car. We had stay up WAY past our bedtime the night before.
The last time we were in Spokane it was for my friend's wedding. It coincided with Hoopfest downtown. The kids really wanted to play on the Red Wagon, but we said no way. It was much more peaceful downtown this trip. 
The first time she made it to the top of the wagon, she sat like she was going to go down the slide, but later got up and went back down the stairs. Eventually she braved the slide.
I was surprised she didn't fly off the end!
And I made this happen. Hunter hated every minute of it so I didn't have a lot of time to go back and forth between the original picture and their set-up. But hey!
Next time we'll work off of this one!

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