Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Party After the Party

Let me just start this out by saying Hunter missed the entire birthday party. I think he came in for cake and then disappeared again. By the time he came inside to stay, he was covered in dirt from head to toe.
Just filthy!

JP borrowed my camera for a minute and snapped a few pictures of me. I'm hardly ever on the other side of the camera so it feels a little weird posting pictures of myself!
The boys had some fun riding their horse around. Perry joined in a little bit later.
Papa Craig soaked in his time with the younger grandkids. Charlotte had no objection to this. She was so tired all day!
Before the night was over, the boys convinced the adults this was a good idea.

And then this happened...

Not long after their wreck, the kids settled down with Aunt Bobbi while watching a movie. Kile, Chris, Chris' parents and grandma, my mom, and Perry and I then gathered around the table to play Cards Against Humanity. So much fun! Too bad my dad was being a party pooper!
As soon I came upstairs Sunday morning, Hunter started a mini-photo session with me. "Okay stand there and smile. Okay this time kneel. Now put your hands in your pockets, but leave your thumbs out. Now dad you have to get in there too." 
This is how that turned out... Still need a little more practice :)

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