Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Day on the Town with Aunt Kim

Our schedules finally matched up this week where we both had the day off. Little JP has been calling Aunt Kim on his play phone for the last week. Hunter has been as well, but he actually has conversations with the imaginary Aunt Kim. It sounded like they were missing her a bit!

We met up at my house and headed downtown to the Carousel. Last summer Perry and I took the boys there and they were not too fond of it. Hunter sat with me in a chariot and JP had death grip on the horse. I was delighted when this go round they both we all enjoyed it! 
JP seemed a little hesitant about the whole thing so he rode with me.
The cool thing about the Carousel downtown is that the entire thing is hand carved and is one of the fastest carousels in the nation! There is a dragon that "spits" out rings every ride, and if you get the last ring, which is golden, I believe you get a free ride. It was mine for the taking and I missed it! Hunter enjoyed holding the ones I got before though!

From there we went next door to Dragon's Hollow, a play park. I've never been here before, just because I've been afraid of losing Hunter. I was happy to know the place is pretty much enclosed!
 The place is full of stairs and tunnels and slides. It's pretty cool! I explored it too and even went down one of the slides with JP!
JP found a slide that he REALLY liked - it was rather steep, enclosed, and ended about 2 feet off the ground, so he would literally shoot out of the slide. He loved it! He's usually not very daring so this caught me off guard a bit. He normally sticks to the open ones where he can see the end.
Hunter had a hay day! He is such a social kid calling everyone he sees his friend. To him, everyone's name is  "My Friend." It didn't surprise me at all when he found some kids to run around with, girls none-the-less!
These boys have so much fun together!
After playing around for a while, we took a walk down to the Big Dipper for some ice cream! I have a little fear of heights, so crossing the Higgins bridge made me a little sick when I looked over! Busy street on one side and river below...not fun for me!

JP doesn't quite understand the concept of licking his ice cream - he likes to suck on the top and make a mess. Silly boy!
 These are my sugar-rushed kids...yay!
With no naps today, these boys were exhausted by the time we got home!
 I put in a movie just before dinner, and Hunter was holding his eyes open!
Do I need to mention they passed out at 7pm. Feels like a record compared to Hunter's normal 2 hour "fight bedtime" routine!

P.S. Thanks for the matching Hawaii shirts Nanny!

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