Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Trip to Whitefish and Baby Robins

If our trip to Hingham wasn't a long enough car ride, Saturday morning Perry packed up the boys and left for Whitefish...and then had to turn around to pick up Charlotte and me because he forgot us? I told him we were going the night before, and then I heard him back out of the driveway at 6am without us....Nice work darling. The purpose of the trip was to help his parents fix a few things at their house. 

The first project, the main reason for the trip, was to take out the pond in the front yard. Since they aren't living there anymore, they don't have time to keep it up so they've decided to just bury it. Lots of rocks and lots of dirt. The boys really enjoyed "helping". I wasn't able to do much as I was fussing with Charlotte a lot. I did however help water the dirt down to help it settle. In doing so I found a sweet little salamander! 
 I was surprised that neither of the boys would touch it! I remember finding salamanders in my grandparents pool when I was younger and saving them as a pet.
 I wanted to take it home, but before I said anything, Perry freed him...Ugh. So the boys had to blow him kisses goodbye.
It didn't take them long to forget about the salamander and get back to playing though!
They also enjoyed playing in Uncle Cameron's fire truck. Its a pedal car, but JP couldn't quite reach the pedals, and Hunter didn't really want to try so they both just used their feet to push it around.
 On Sunday morning, I discovered that two of our robin eggs had hatched. By Monday evening we had five little birdies!
 I watched them all afternoon! For a while I thought there was only four, so the fifth one must have been born  sometime in the afternoon.
I was surprised as to how close the mama robin would let me get. I missed it by a few seconds, but I almost caught a picture of her feeding one of them...but a little boy came busting out of the house and scared her away...
 She's finally awake long enough to take a picture! Every time Hunter or JP sees her with her eyes open, they exclaim, "I can see her pretty eyes!!"
Luckily the novelty of a new sibling hasn't worn off yet for Hunter. He loves her to pieces! 

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