Monday, July 22, 2013

Ups and Downs of the Day

It had been far too long since Aunt Kim has come over to play. The boys absolutely adore her! 

Before she arrived, I took my 2nd trip to the grocery store with all three kids. It's not so bad now since Kiki sleeps through all of it. When she wakes up though, we better get out of there, and FAST! Lucky for me, she did sleep through the whole trip today. I wish the boys would have too, but I suppose they are too old for that now. That would make shopping so easy! From the moment they woke up this morning they were whining and crying and regardless of their mood, we had to go to the store. We had nothing left to eat. It seemed as though the world began crumbling once we arrived. I was lucky enough to score a double seater cart, but although it prevents them from running around, it's almost a given that they'll fight. And boy did they fight. They yelled and screamed at each other and I just wanted to leave. Then something happened. They were still hitting each other but now they were laughing hysterically and also hitting themselves. And still I wanted to leave. Have I mentioned how much I hate checking out?! Especially with skinny isles where they touch EVERYTHING as I'm trying to make sure none of it gets into my cart...

By the end of the trip to the store, I really could have used this article, For When Motherhood is Kicking your Ass. It almost brought me to tears when I read it this afternoon. The last few weeks have been pretty rough on me. 
I was VERY thankful when Aunt Kim showed up for playtime! And frankly so were the boys! We were going to take them to the "Dragon Park" but we instead took them to Westside Park. Conveniently enough, it could also be called the Dragon Park, but it has a splash deck. We didn't bring their swim trunks, but they didn't seem to mind. 
 Yes. I know. JP is wearing sweatpants when its 90 something degrees out. I didn't want to fight with him this morning...He loved running the dragon head that sprayed water, but HATED getting wet. He ran away at the mere thought of getting a drop of water on him. He was pretty hesitant to even go over to the splash deck...yet he loves to go swimming?

I'm super bummed my phone messed up when she took JP in to get the bucket dumped on him. He was livid because as I mentioned, he hates getting wet! Hunter is always eager to get wet though. I really do have salt & pepper kids!

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