Sunday, March 20, 2016

Underwater Themed Cake

This was quite the week for me! As I said last week when I was finishing up my post about our basement, I had a few upcoming cakes this week. This is the first one that needed to be done.

The theme of the party was whales, as it was for a 1 year old. He has an adorable blanket with whales on the back that his mom wanted his party themed after. Adorable. In my mind, there would have been more waves on the top tier, the portion he got to smash into, but Monday happened. I had the entire bottom tier completely done, as well as the cake baked and layered for the top tier by Sunday afternoon. The whale was even made. All I needed to do Monday morning was frost the cake and add the waves and the octopus.

I swung by the store after work Sunday night to pick up a few things and by the time I was checking out, I felt so weak and pale. I didn't think much of it because I was exhausted (and a bit stressed). Instead of working on the cake when I got home, I opted to work on it Monday morning while the twins (I babysit now because I have baby fever!) were napping, except I woke up in the middle of the night completely sick. Every time I moved I would start gagging. It was terrible. And that lasted until the next afternoon. My whimpering/moaning in the middle of the night woke my wonderful husband up so he just knew he'd better take a sick day and stay home with me. Bless his heart I didn't even have to ask <3 p="">
I slept on and off all morning, the best I could with Charlotte still wanting mommy. (And because someone spent his day off working on the basement...) I probably could have rested easier if I wasn't so worried about getting the cake done. It took a solid hour to get frosting on the top tier. That task usually takes just a few minutes. I was a wreck until Perry went to the store to pick up some anti-nausea medicine for me.

After the boys bounced through the door after school, we all loaded up to deliver the cake. I knew I wasn't fit to be driving and I'm glad I didn't because I started feeling sick again on the way home. I hate hate hate being nauseous. I don't remember being so sick before in my life, but I'm pretty sure I feel that way every time I get sick...

Anyways, here's how it turned out. Normally I take a few more "professional" looking photos, but I just couldn't this time. All things considered, it turned out decent :) 
<3 p="">

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