Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tool Cake for our 2 Year Old!

Here it is! The finished product! JP's tool cake! Complete with a hammer (notice the wood grain on it!), a wrench (inscribed with "Dustin Tools"), a screw driver, and measuring tape. By far my best cake created - and easiest, sorta!

I created the tape measure last after I had made all the tools. Initially I was just going to wrap it around some tools, but because of Hunter's little "incident" I opted to wrap it around the whole cake instead. I love how it turned out!

Here's the top part of the cake with my mending job. You can kind of see the patch under the hammer head.

I used a food marker that I borrowed from Alicia (Thank you!!) to write the measurements on the tape measure. Pretty handy! I didn't even know they existed!
My younger sister Robin was able to make it to town for JP's birthday and happened to come just in time to watch me make the tape measure. She had never heard of fondant before so I let her use my leftover fondant to build something. Here's what she came up with.

It's a little bear with a blanket on it. Under the blanket is a heart on it's tummy. The inside of the bear is the leftover cake from my first attempt. I'm pretty sure she ate him today...

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lkph said...

The cake is just did a great job...especially after the "one little taste."

Happy Birthday, JP!!!!

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