Monday, May 28, 2012

Golf Themed Groom's Cake

Many of my followers have seen this cake before now on Facebook...I was little to antsy to write a new blog post first! 

This cake took what seemed like FOREVER to do! I had the cake itself made plenty of time in advance, but was still up in the air as to how I was going to decorate it. Once I finished Kile's bachelorette cake, on Wednesday night, I began on the groom's cake. I put it off as long as I could!
The first thing I made to put on the cake was the bride. I'm pretty sure she was the only thing I didn't have to make twice!
 The golfer ended up laying down on the cake, but was originally supposed to be standing. The first guy I made turned out fine, for the most part, except he started cracking everywhere and was HUGE compared to the bride. After trying to fix him, I finally just decided ti start over, but he didn't dry in time to stand on his own, hence the laying down. I almost like it better!

 And GAH! That golf cart was my enemy! Of course it was fine when I finished it. I stored the cake in the oven  (turned off with a big note on it!) so it wouldn't be tempting to touch by *some young boys*. However, when I opened the oven in the morning, the golf cart took it upon itself to fall to pieces. I recreated it, and headed over to the DoubleTree with it. Of course once I got there, it was in shambles. 
I finally got it set back up and when I did, I didn't even want to look at it again! I finished it up at 3:30a Saturday morning, and had the kitchen cleaned and was in bed by 4a - only to have to get up 3 hours later! It was a looong, but memorable day! 

Congratulations Kile and Chris on your wedding!

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