Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Trip to Seattle: Zoo on Day 2

Day 2 on our vacation was jam-packed with stuff! I have never (at least in my memory) been to a zoo or an aquarium before, so both of those were on our list of things to do while in Seattle. Unfortunately, we were only able to make it to the zoo. I was totally okay with that! 

Here's a few highlights from the zoo!
Let me first say, I packed everything we needed for everyone else but me. I forgot my coat/sweatshirt at Emilienne's house, so I froze in the morning. I sucked it up though....
These penguins were our first stop. JP absolutely loved them!
 These monkeys were up high sleeping with their tails hanging over. Hunter really wanted to check them out so I willingly let him stand on my shoulders to see, and prayed he wouldn't wiggle!
 We saw a few gorillas wandering around.
 Daddy and his boys
 JP loved this little guy! I tried to get him to scratch his head but he just looked at me oddly.
This is a Southern Pudu - also known as the world's smallest deer. Basically the size of a little dog.
 Couldn't go to the zoo without seeing the flamingos!
 Although we never saw any "normal" turtles...I did see these ones!
Big Brother turtle...
 ...Baby Brother turtle....
 ... Daddy turtle...
 ...and I didn't participate! : )
I instead chased the boys around in this tunnel structure. Wore me out!
I'm pretty sure the highlight of my day were these beautiful giraffes! I loved looking at them!
The boys got a rare up close sighting of the lioness. She walked over to the window just as we got there and laid down in front. The zookeeper there said they hardly ever get that close! And then the lion came over too! Hunter was up at the window long enough to snap a photo of him...he thought it was a little scary...
We only saw this one elephant- he/she didn't do much though...still cool to see!
 The boys were very interested the snake! "Look mom! It's a big wormy!" Yeah...not exactly...
We finished the morning/afternoon looking at the penguins again. This time they were swimming!
Right next to the penguins,there is a fountain that turns on and off sporadically and it scared JP everytime...sort of caught one on film. And then Perry got the penguins swimming too : )
And then some cranky kids kicked it into high gear so we peaced...

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