Thursday, May 24, 2012

Trip to Seattle: Day 2 Afternoon

We spent about three and a half hours at the zoo and still didn't see everything - which was okay! By the time 1:30 came around, we had some cranky kids on our hands... They passed out just about immediately once we got them in the car! Short lived though, we had to wake them up twenty minutes later when we arrived at Emilienne's house. Needless to say, the house was locked so we headed over to see Aunt Kile sooner than we had planned.

On the way to ferry, I explained to Hunter that we were going to take our car on a big boat to go see Aunt Kile and (soon-to-be!) Uncle Chris. He response to me was "No! We can't mom! The car can't swim!" Solid point Hunter!
 I was a little surprised by their reactions when we went outside on the ferry. JP (who fears water in quantities bigger than the bath tub) loved it! Hunter just wanted to go back inside.
 He still really enjoyed looking at the water though!
 Hunter insisted he wear his shades - He rocked them!
On the drive from Bremerton to Kile's, the boys practiced singing.
I don't know who is singing him this song, because when I sing it, Mama buys everything...?

My first time at Chuck E Cheese's!

This was JP's FAVORITE ride - if we ever lost sight of him, this is where we'd find him : )
Hunter was just kind of all over the place!
I thought this ride was going to be faster and take him in a complete circle. It didn't. Kind of a let down. But it was fun to watch him!
After all the dinner time play, we took them to a park to wear them out even more!
I figured we better get at least one picture together!
JP loves to swing...but this clearly wasn't the time for it...we stopped him when he started looking nauseous...
....and then took him to the merry-go-round instead! Perry and Chris pushed us super the point that Hunter started looking nauseous!
Perry was able to sneak out of the car on the ferry back to Seattle to snap a couple photos of the city. So pretty! Surprisingly the boys stayed awake for about an hour after we left Poulsbo.
When we arrived back in Seattle, our GPS "Shirley" couldn't find us. She thought we were still in Bainbridge, so we had to navigate downtown Seattle in the dark. A disaster! But we made it home! 

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