Monday, August 6, 2012

Remodel of the Deck: Update 5

Let's see where I left off on Update 4...which I didn't realize was over a month ago!

Perry finished putting up the railing around the main deck and then started painting the roof. Just last week, we finished painting the railings and the stairs (once he finished them).
 Originally the stairs came off the "front" side of the deck. Perry moved the rock and concrete slates and then began work on building new stairs. They're now closer to the garage and make the deck the deck feel a lot bigger. 
So in the meantime, the ladder was how we got up and down. Kind of a pain when we barbecued one night! No matter how many times we told them not to, the boys climbed the ladder up and down and scared the geezers out of me every time. 
But lucky for us, the stairs were only down for a few days. I spent my last set of days off painting the stairs. Yay. Once that was done, Perry painted the floor of the deck with the "Restore" paint. It gives it a rough texture, but it looks great! We still have a few spots to paint on the roof, but all the stores here are out of the stuff we need so the finishing touches will have to wait. 

Meanwhile we're having a BBQ on Wednesday to show off and break in the new deck! I'm super excited about it! I think this will be my only attempt at a Lemon Party, so with only a few days notice, here's goes nothing!

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