Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hunter's New 'Do

Before I jump into blogging about our recent trip, let me start with the end.
 This morning while getting ready to leave Aunt Kile and Uncle Chris' house, Hunter helped himself to Chris' electric razor in the bathroom. By the time I realized he wasn't in site, it was too late. My first reaction was shock. Obviously. And then laughter. And more laughter. He was so proud of his new hairdo!
I thought about buzzing it while we were there, but I thought Perry needed to see this first hand, so we waited until we came home. I did the buzzing. I couldn't help but make him into this "old man". 
Again, he loved this look too. But there was no way I was sending him to daycare looking like this! 
 So I buzzed the rest of his head. JP saw him getting his pajamas on and whispered to me "Mom there's a baby in the house!" "No, that's your brother" "Ohhh, not baby Gavin?" *Que the 7 month old we spent the week with*
Anyways here's the many new faces of Hunter.

This is him now on my lap, well, now he's sleeping. After a long weekend, he was in bed by 6:30 tonight. He came upstairs not too long ago and it took me a second to adjust to his new look. Normally he rests his head on my shoulder and I put my cheek on his head when we snuggle...not tonight. He has head pokies! So long beautiful curls!

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Robin Patrick said...

I can't stop laughing at the old man hair cut... Gets me every time.. What a dweeb!!

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