Monday, November 12, 2012

How We Spread the News

Obviously having a baby is an exciting thing and the moment you find out, many people want to tell everyone! I told Perry flat out that if we find out we're pregnant soon, we're not telling any one right away. For some reason I just didn't want to. Maybe its because I just don't like people constantly asking how I'm doing every where I go. Needless to say, I found out I was pregnant 2 days after my missed period in early September. We were trying to have a baby so I knew I needed to take a test. I spilled the beans to three people the day I found out I was having a baby. So much for not telling anyone! And it's been killing me not being able to blog about it until now! 

It was super hard to keep a secret from our families, but we wanted to tell them in a special way, as opposed to just flat out saying "We're having a baby!" 

I dropped a few hints to my little sister Robin through text messages. Her birthday is mid-May so I first told her (in September, 8 months away) that I had the perfect birthday present for her. She knew we were trying so I figured she'd count out the 8 months and get it right away. She didn't. I later asked her if she wanted her present to be pink or blue. Again, I thought it was pretty obvious. She responded with "PINK! Haha you thought I'd pick blue!" Didn't get that hint either. A few days later I let her know that Perry picked out the color already and I wouldn't know what he picked until her birthday. The suspense was killing her. A couple weeks later she asked how the baby making was going, and I told her we gave up trying to make a baby. She was devastated...

For our anniversary this year, Perry's parents bought us a night stay at a resort with 18 holes of golf in the morning. After spending the day on the course, we went to Grandma's house to pick up the boys to go home. I took little JP to the potty and told him when he was done to go tell Grandma he is going to be a big brother. So he did just that. He marched up to Grandma and grumbled "I'm going to be a big brother." She looked down and responded "OH! You went potty! Good job!" I just giggled and told Perry we'd try again later. As I was buckling JP into his carseat I told him that when Grandma came over to say good-bye, to tell her you're going to be a big brother. And he did as soon as she opened his door. Clear as day this time. "Grandma! I'm going to be a big brother!" She looked at him and responded this time with, "Maybe some day but not today." And proceeded to say her good-byes as Perry and I stood on the other side of the car and giggled.

Meanwhile, my mom's birthday was in early October, so I decided to make her a birthday board to tell her to expect another grandbaby. The birthday board (which I will post later) was a hand painted board, by me, that said 'Family Birthdays' across it with the months listed across the bottom. I painted everyone's names and birth dates on their own disc and hung them below the month of their birthday. Hanging down from May was Perry, then Robin, then Dustin #3 (on the back it said 'coming in 2013'). I sent pictures of the board with that baby disc in view to my sisters as I was working on it. I sent out the completed picture to them, and only Robin caught it, because she was looking at her birthday. 

When my mom and dad passed through town, they stopped by to pick up her birthday present. She thought there was too many discs on it, so she immediately started looking for something that said 'Baby' on it. My dad noticed shortly after my mom got excited. I told her to not tell anyone because my two older sisters didn't know yet. They were already suspicious of my sickness but her 'just talk to Sadie' gave it away. JP stilled called them to tell them he was going to be a big brother though.
"These are for the baby!"
Since a few weeks had now passed since our last attempt to tell Grandma, we thought we should try again since all of my family knew. JP called her up on the phone and when she answered, he shouted out again, "Grandma I'm going to be a big brother." And again Grandma said "Maybe some day." So JP pipes up again and says, "But Grandma! There's a baby in mommy's belly." The phone was silent, and then " that true?" "Yeah mom. We've been trying to tell you!" 

We next called Grandpa and JP told him the news, and he understood it right away. As did Uncle Cameron and Aunt Erin. I wasn't around when Perry called his sister, but because he hardly ever calls, she assumed I was pregnant because "He only calls when Sadie's pregnant." 

For the rest of our family and friends, we sent out our holiday cards (early I know!) with our "We're growing by two feet" picture on it. I figured if this was going to be my last baby, I wanted to enjoy it more than I was able to with my boys and spread the word in a fun way!

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