Sunday, November 25, 2012

Miscellaneous Pictures Worth Sharing

These boys of mine just crack me up! Here's a little glimpse of the past few months that I was able to get on film! Happy giggling!

Yes we're naked, yes we love mud, but we forgot we hate the cold water mommy's about to spray us with!
 Hunter has a way with people...sometime you just have to give in an pretend he's still a baby.
 JP cracks me up. Pretty sure he blew at the dandelion for about 5 minutes before he finally got them all!
 And sometimes chocolate pudding tastes better when it's all over your face.
 Other times, its easier to fall asleep at the table than to actually eat.
 How does Hunter do that?! 
And this is why I don't sew very often...I always get helpers than only want to cut. 
 It's never too early for chores!
 Yup, JP is going to play in the snow in his apron and sunglasses...and footie pj's that you can't see! That's how we roll!
My favorite for last! "Mom can we do the dishes?" Yeah, don't move...

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