Thursday, August 1, 2013

Cousin Time!

Now that the boys kids have a cousin, it was about time for Hunter and JP to meet the little bugger. Chris and Kile and Casey made the long trip to visit the farm, with the intentions of helping harvest. Unfortunately most of it wasn't ready and if it was, it was too wet to cut anyways, so most of the weekend at the farm for them was spent twiddling their fingers. Charlotte and I, however, were occupied with the wedding

Little Casey is 6 weeks old and Charlotte is now 11 weeks old. Already. 
 Both enjoyed their time with Papa Craig.
 Charlotte is pretty mellow so it's easy to get pictures of her....Casey isn't so mellow. In this case he was content, but was too fascinated with Papa Craig to look elsewhere. 
 Uncle Chris helped entertain the boys while playing Legos with them. JP just loves Uncle Chris.
 Charlotte can sleep through anything it seems like. Even her favorite cousin fussing and flaying his arms around :) 
 Nanny with ALL her grandbabes :) 

 Hunter can be such a little stinker sometimes. I just wanted to take a nice picture of the both of them. He at least agreed to put his arm around JP...

 Again, we thought it was going to be JP who would be loving on Charlotte, but really I think its Hunter who likes babies! He's so sweet!
 He finally let me take his picture...but he HAD to wear Nanny's glasses...

 Before Kile and Chris left to head home, Casey was getting hungry, so I instead had a little bonding time with him and ended up putting him to sleep. It was then that I decided that Charlotte and Casey needed a couple more pictures together. And this is how it went...
 Charlotte sees Casey sleeping, Charlotte smacks Casey.
Casey gets mad. Charlotte is happy :)

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