Friday, August 16, 2013

Monkey Shiner Babblings

At the end of June, we had a garage sale. In typical fashion, we didn't sell everything, so Perry set to work on posting pictures of some of the bigger items to craigslist to see if we could get rid of them that way. It worked. Not like I didn't think it would but... we had a lady buy a cabinet from us. Over dinner, I told Perry about her.
M- "She was super nice. But you should have told me she liked to talk...a lot."
P- "Yeah she can. When she first called me, I thought she was a man, so I'm glad I didn't say Sir like I normally do."
M- "If I didn't know her name, I might have thought she was one when she came to pick up the cabinet. Super short hair that was graying. Stocky build. And her arms were super hairy. Like man hairy."
JP- "Like yours mom?"
M- "Not funny."

I feel like a lot of the funny babblings occur over dinner. Here goes this one from last night:

P- "Hunter, who's your best friend?"
H- "Uh...Angeline." [The girl next door...]
M- "Jim's not your best friend?"
H- "Well sometimes he is, but sometimes I just want to run away and hide from him."

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