Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Lights

With Christmas approaching soon, and people taking down their lights soon after, Perry and I decided we needed to take the boys out to see some Christmas lights tonight. Initially we were just going to drive around and see what we could see. However, we received a tip from some neighbors down the road that we HAD to go see the house off of Montana Street.

Boy were they ever right! We could see them from blocks away! This wasn't your typical drive by house though. It was a walk-through! The house was at the end of a dead end street so we, along with others, parked our vehicles and got out to see the display.

Hunter and Me outside of the entrance.

My boys and me checking out the Mickey Mouse display. See next picture.

Okay - So it wasn't just Mickey...Hunter loved it because Winnie was in it (of course!)

Countdown to Christmas display
This one was pretty cool! Santa was in front dancing and singing and his reindeer were dancing along with him! The snowmen were cute too! The sign the one is holding reads "Will work for freezer-space" Loved that one : ) At this display, the home owner, an older lady, came out of the garage to hand out candy canes to the young kids. The boys loved it! We were told she would wear her Mrs. Claus outfit, but didn't when we were there...ah well!

Ferris Wheel

Right next to this one was a mini version of Santa's house. You could see him laying in his bed with the fireplace going in the background. You could even SEE him sleeping. The speakers played him snoring/breathing and if you watched close enough, you could see his stomach moving up and down. Perry was in charge of pictures as I left all of my stuff at home, otherwise I'd have photo'd it. But this half of the driveway was almost like a little mini winter fair! Super cute displays!

Mommy and her boys before we left.

These pictures don't even come close to showing this display of lights! The house itself was covered in lights. There was an upstairs balcony that looked over the front lawn and had a large snowman, Santa and Mickey Mouse on display. Large like life-sized. And then from a tree hung a make-shift helicopter and the American flag hung in lights off a different tree. 

I have to wonder, where do they store all this stuff?! And how long does it take them to set it all up/ take it down! They did a wonderful job in creating a little Santa wonderland! Kudos to the people on Montana Street!

On to the less exciting but still cool.... we drove out past Big Sky HS and found the house with the yard FULL of lights that were programmed to Christmas music. Apparently you could tune into a particular radio station and see the light show with the music. We couldn't find the station. And we were parked on a downhill slope in the ditch, so Hunter kept telling dad that he needed to "not tip the car so he could see". Lots of flashy lights -would have been cool to see it with the music. They also had a massive ice sculpture in the front yard but we could see what it was. Basically, if you were to have taken a fireplace out and put it in your front yard, chimney attached, and then watered/iced it down, this is what it would have looked like. But it was also dark, so it could be cool in the day light?

After that we just drove around in the Pleasentview area to see the "regular" Christmas lights. JP really enjoyed that. He sat in the back saying nothing but "kiss-miss-ights", in a soft muted voice. (I can't decide if he could actually see them or not as it looks like he can barely see out of the window. I think he missed out on most of the houses!)

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