Sunday, December 18, 2011

Make-up and Such

Nothing terribly new at our residence. But we've been staying busy like always. 

The boys and I did arts and crafts last week. (Pictures to come soon under the My Creations tab) Where we made 3 yarn wreaths and 2 hand print wreaths. Hunter really enjoyed me tracing his fingers : )

Whatever we were doing the other day was clearly not entertaining enough for Hunter as he disappeared for a short time. He ran up to me looking like this and said "Mommy I'm pretty now!" Jimmy was obviously feeling left out so he did the same thing the next day. I have handsome boys!

This past week, Hunter was moved into a twin sized bed. Not because he out grew his toddler bed (he's only 34'' tall!) but because we're thinking about moving Jim out of his crib! I think Jimmy will take the move a lot easier than Hunter did. Hunter left his crib at 15 months. Kinda too early. We're still fighting with him to stay in his bed at night. But Jimmy overall has just been a good kid, other than his crying fits when he was 0-4months old. He's also showed much more interest in potty training. He's gone potty on the little potty a couple times (and on me once). We're still working on getting Hunter consistent. He has really good days, and days where he doesn't even try. Frustrating!

In other news, Hunter can sing his ABC's with out mistakes. We are very proud! At the end of the song, he sometimes changes the words from "and next time won't you sing with me?" to "and next time Jim can't sing with me." He's a little stinker! Jim can sing ABC before he gets distracted but has been doing very well singing his version of Twinkle Little Star. 

Right now they are at the cabin with Grandma and Grandpa Dustin. They have been anxiously awaiting their trip to the cabin and were excited to hear that Grandpa John would be there. All week they spoke on their make-shift phones (apples, blocks, crayons...) to Grandpa John. It always made me giggle a bit, especially with Jimmy it sounds more like "Papa Don". We'll be headed out that way soon to pick them up and have a mini Christmas with Gma & Gpa Dustin.

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