Thursday, December 1, 2011

Potty Time

We had lots of excitement in the bathroom today, by both boys. We're not potty training Jimmy yet, but we'll let him sit and "go potty" whenever Hunter does. This evening though he actually went! He got up and ran over to me and yelled WENT! I checked it out and it didn't look like he did so I sat him back down and proceeded to tend to Hunter. He promptly got right back in my face yelled NO! WENT! And sure enough he 6 drops. It counts though, right? He was super excited! 

As for Hunter, he's pretty much mastered going potty. He occasionally still has accidents every now and again, but mostly when he's busy doing something. Otherwise he's been good about excusing himself to go to the bathroom, and staying dry at nap time. 

The first time Hunter pooped in his potty, we had Grandma over for her birthday dinner. Hunter excused himself to go potty and then came back to dinner. 10 minutes later he excused himself again to go potty. Once he's done he's sure to yell "I just went potty!" And this time was no different. Perry went to help him clean up. As soon as Perry open the door, Hunter announced again that he went potty. However, Perry was quick to correct him when he stood up, so he then VERY proudly announced, with very big eyes, "I went poop!" 

The second time was fairly similar, as was the 3rd except he went on the big potty. Today however he told me he had to go poop so he let himself in the bathroom and shooed me out. I went back in to check on him a little while later, and he announced to Jim and me that "I just went poop!" He stood up to show me and then with a huge smile and big eyes looked at the potty and then looked at me and said "a really big one!! Now I get oreos!" Jimmy meanwhile was in the hall yelling "High-five, high-five! Knuckles! Knuckles!" So as soon as we left the bathroom Jimmy was handing out high-fives and knuckles (the exploding kind!) to Hunter. They were both super excited about the dump Hunter had. : )

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