Friday, December 23, 2011

Water Turtle

We woke up today to a snowy wonderland! It was so pretty outside! At 9 degrees, a little chilly too! This is what I saw when I stepped out our front door...obviously prettier in person. And more so if it was the original pictures I took. These are pictures of pictures. They're stuck on the camera and I can't seem to upload them...along with all of our "setting up Christmas" pictures...ugh.

With that said, Christmas eve is tomorrow already! I can't wait! I am so tired of telling the boys to stop touching the tree and to stay out of the presents! Hunter has been using a present for Roxy, our dog, as a phone to call whomever he wants and opened one of JP's presents already. So frustrating. He nearly pulled the whole tree over today. I don't mean to be a Grinch, but honestly, Christmas is not one of my favorite holidays. If I had to pick one, it would probably be St. Patrick's Day. Anyways...

So tomorrow we are headed to Fairmont Hot Springs to spend Christmas eve, and part of Christmas with my family. Perry and I were a little hesitant on the idea, primarily because it's a place where people go to swim. I would go to soak in the hot tub, but I doubt that is going to happen, even once. Hunter and JP HATE water. Of all kinds, except their bath. No rivers or ponds or lakes or kiddie pools. Get too close and they scream. JP hangs on my leg for dear life. I've been able to get Hunter in the water, but only for short periods of time, ie a minute.

A few weeks back, some unfortunate guest at the hotel I work at left behind their turtle tube. Its been in the lost and found since, so I took it upon myself to retrieve it tonight. It is my hopes that they will learn to like the water...we'll see. Here's some photos of Hunter...excited already!

He wandered around the yard like this for a while....
He talks to his turtle tube like its person. He loves it and has only had it for a few hours. JP has taken to it as well...but doesn't care to wear it. Needless to say, I had to put the turtle away for the night because of too many "He's mine!".
And still on him inside while watching tv...

Also note the blanket. Neighbors Darrell and Judy gave both the boys matching blankets and Cars pjs. And a giant pop-up football tent. They enjoyed the tent for a little while, but both have been inseparable from their blankets. Kinda ridiculous. They are the exact same, but they know who's is who's.

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