Sunday, June 24, 2012

Land Mine in the Backyard

Let me first start out by saying, again, we're still working on getting the kinks out of potty training with Hunter. Some days he's a rock star, other days are, well, other days. 

Today was clearly an other day.

The four of us began our day by taking a trip downtown to the Farmers Market. So many people down there! So many vendors! Lot of jewelry, lots of clothes, tons of food! But I didn't find the booth that I specifically went there for, which was a HUGE bummer. We then meandered to the "Dragon Park" as the boys call it. They've been asking to go everyday for the last few weeks. We let them run around for a little bit. When I say little bit, I mean, Perry was tired of watching them after about 7 we took them to ride on the carousel. Which they love! And I love to grab the rings. Again, had the last one (which gets you a free ride) and it slipped out of my hands...but before we rode, we had to change *someones* pants. 

As soon a we got home, Hunter was instructed to go use the potty, which he did. Mommy made lunch while Daddy ran into work. After lunch, the boys were allowed to play until Daddy came home. In the mean time, I worked on the deck by digging out the crap that was jammed between the floor boards. My back hurts from bending over. 

On one of my breaks, I looked up to find Hunter with his pants down. I quickly reminded him that if he need to go potty, he needed to come inside to do it. He instead pulled up his pants and ran off and I went back to work. A short while later JP was throwing a fit so I got up to go break up WWIII. 

I found JP sitting on their battery operated car with Hunter squatting down, facing him, in front of it. I initially thought he was purposely trying to stop him from going forward any further. Much to my dismay, he was actually dropping a load...So yes, he was being a road block for JP, but only because he was busy doing #2 on my grass. It's my guess that when JP was yelling "Stop it! I don't like that! Stop it!" he very well could have been referring to Hunter pooping in inappropriate places. 

Here's how it all played out :
Mommy spots son taking a poop and proceeds to walk over to him.
Hunter sees his mom walking towards him.
He stops, backs up a bit (probably to get a good look at it, because that's what boys do), and quickly pulls up his pants. 
With mommy getting closer, Hunter tries to run off like nothing happen. Forgets about the dump and steps right into said poop.
The look of disgust covers his face. 

And JP? My little tattle-tale said nothing along the lines of "Mom Hunter is pooping on the grass!" until I had already seen what had just happened. He did let me know that "That's not Roxy's poop!"

As Hunter and I were cleaning up from our little "incident", I asked him : Hunter, where do we go to the bathroom at?
Hunter replied sounding ashamed : In the bathroom.
To figure this kid out, I then asked : How come you didn't go inside like you normally do to go poop on the potty?
Without misssing a beat : Cuz Roxy goes poop on the grass. 

Well played Hunter, well played my child....

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