Sunday, June 17, 2012

Remodel of the Deck: Update 3

The other week Perry worked away on the deck despite his ear infection. He was set to go back to work on Sunday night. Unfortunately, when he woke up Sunday morning, his eye was swollen shut ended up going to the doctor again. Turns out he had pink eye...which led to him missing four days of work. Now in the last week, he's missed 1.5 days of work due to his ear infection, then had 4 days off, then missed 4 days because of pink eye, and then had 4 more days off...And I've got a deck that's made serious progress!

 He torn down the roof and completely started over.
 This boy sure does love his tools. And "helping" build with daddy.
 He's just too cute!
 In a matter of a few days, he had the frame to the roof put up. In doing so, he had to cut into the roof. Good timing on our part...not! It rained quite a bit! Unfortunately, some of the rain came in the house by getting under the plastic Perry put down. As of now the past few days, I've been out a kitchen sink light and have a nice little hole above my dining room door. Water crept in and was filling up in a previously filled hole so it had to be punctured to get all the water out....I guess...I was at work for most of this!
But we've had nice days too and have made tons of progress. Perry spent most of Thursday sanding getting the actual roof on its frame. After I returned home from work on Friday, we made a quick trip to Home Depot to pick up a few more sheets of tin. The top of our roof will be tin because *as far as I know* the roof doesn't have the correct pitch to it, so the tin will not allow water to stick to it as wood does. Of course we had to take my rig. I hate taking my car to haul "big" things. By the time we got home, I had one piece of tin folded in half because I drove too fast. But really I was going slow....

He's now working on the railing for it. It looks great so far!

See Update 4 here.

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