Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My New Guest Room

I love green. I don't love green on my walls. At least this kind of green! I have no idea what the people were thinking when they painted this house...I mean, check out the orange kitchen!
When we first moved in, we rented out the basement to some friends of ours. The friend that lived in this room, moved in before we had the chance to re-paint it. It was the only room that didn't get new paint. So for the last 3 years, we've had this bright green room...that I hated.
I finally broke down and painted it when I finished painting the laundry room. I love how it turned out! I was a little nervous about the grey color because when I had first picked out the new shades, it was supposed to be more brown. But it's not like you can return paint once it's on the wall so I kept going and ended up liking it! I picked neutral colors because the comforter for the bed was turquoise and I really wanted it to pop. 

I created these floral arrangements to spruce up the room a bit more. Originally I was going to leave the wheat out, but seriously, I grew up on a little ranch...what'd ya expect? The vases turned out great - thanks to an afternoon of shopping without kids!
I think this room turned out great! I'm not embarrassed anymore to have guests stay the night!

What do you think? How'd I do?

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