Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Picnic in the Park with Friends

I'm a little late on this little adventure we had two weeks ago! My dear friend Mandy (the one whom Perry and I met through) was home visiting family and friends for a month. She is currently living with her family in Germany so I haven't seen her in at least 2 years! I'm so glad we were able to get together! 
Mandy and I had the same idea for the day - picnic at the park! It was so much fun! We packed peanut butter and jelly (or Jim & jellies as we call them at our house!) sandwiches for everyone to eat. I was surprised as to how well all the boys behaved! They were all so eager to go play!
We had perfect weather too! Lately it's been quite rainy so we really lucked out on the sunshine!
This is the park we took the kiddos to play at. (I'm really making some serious headway on the "15 different parks this year" goal!)
 JP loves slides! Most of the time he comes shooting out the end and lands on his bottom! I'm pretty sure when it comes down to it, I'm thinking he must live by the phrase "The bigger the slide the better the ride." There is no slide this kid won't go down!
 Of course, Hunter was being Hunter....I can't believe how often this kid gets hurt! This time he was running from the little toddler park to the big kid park and tripped while he was running on the sidewalk. See the band-aide on his hand? There is one more on each of his knees. Not convinced all were necessary.... Kudos to Hunter though on staying dry the entire trip! (Okay, well we had one accident when we first arrived at Mandy's parents house, but it wasn't because we didn't try! I think he was just shy and didn't want to go in a "strangers" house.) Otherwise he did awesome!
 We took a short snack break once this little angel woke up from her nap.The boys loved her! JP  gave her this bottle of sunscreen to play thoughtful?
 Hunter loves babies. He actually asked Perry tonight at dinner if he could have a baby sister so he could be best friends with her. (He and JP mutually agreed earlier that they weren't each others best friends, and both want a does mom!) 
 I had figured since Ayden and Hunter are only a few months apart in age that they would be all buddy buddy and JP would be left out. Completely the other way around. Hunter didn't want much to do with him. But I think JP enjoyed making a new friend!
 We took a nice little walk to go feed the ducks, except there was only one around. And it wasn't really having it. I get so nervous with the boys around water. In my head I can just see them falling in and me having to jump in after. I had a dream like that not too long ago actually...
But anyways, after our attempt at feeding the ducks, we let the boys run loose for bit. I tried to show them how to roll down the hill but they were more interested in what at the top of it, which I believe was a tennis court. 

After a few hours at the park, we took the boys our for frozen yogurt before we started back home on our 2.5 hour drive. Of course, once they got in the car they passed out on our way for dessert. And then stayed awake watching Mickey Mouse and Bob the Builder on the way home. But boy were they tired when they got home!

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