Friday, July 6, 2012

Big Sky BBQ

My posts have been out of order these last few weeks....We've been so busy! Last Saturday, the boys went to see Grandma while Perry caught up on his sleep. I spent the afternoon volunteering at the Big Sky Barbecue where all the proceeds went to benefit the MT Food Bank Network. This is their third year doing the BBQ. I volunteered the first the year working at admissions. It was super windy, which made holding onto the money very tricky! But we made it work! 
 This year I worked at the beer station. I was supposed to be an ID checker, but they eliminated the booth this year and had admissions do the ID-ing. I handled the cash box in the *hot hot hot* sun...and I forgot my sunscreen so by the end of it, I was a little toasty and very pink! 
A couple of my unofficial favorite co-workers joined me at the beer station, but on the other side in the shade. I'm pretty sure my side sold more though....

Throughout the afternoon, there were four bands that played and various vendors that served food. I saw pulled pork and BBQ ribs on a lot of people's plates! Our city mayor was also there helping serve food. He later came over and helped call out beer orders. There's a picture with me and the mayor floating around on a journalists camera somewhere, and probably somewhere on Facebook too?
 Guess who else showed up? The dancers. [see video] I would bet that 75% of people in our city would know exactly who I was referring to just by saying "the dancers". They have got to be on something...? Normally the lady is up dancing too, but here she is play her pretend... banjo?

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