Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Date with My Husband

With Perry on the overnight shift and myself working on his days off, it seems like we hardly ever get to see each other anymore. [Luckily not for much longer! I'm counting the days! 65 left!] Perry's mom graciously volunteered to watch the boys Wednesday night so we could have some much needed time together. 

We didn't figure out a tentative plan until just before we left. All I knew was that I didn't want to do dinner and a movie, like we always seem to do. For one, there was no movie that I was really wanting to see. And for two, I would probably fall asleep during it, like I normally do. So that was out of the question! 

As we left the driveway, we were planning on going to our usual place, Bamboo Chopstix, but halfway there, we changed our minds and settled on the Staggering Ox. Neither of us had been there in a long time. We were well overdue!
The Staggering Ox, for those who haven't been there, let alone heard of it, has these unique sandwiches. I'm not quite sure how they make them, but they are hollow and super yummy! My favorite bread is their dill bread, and my favorite sauce is the Camel Spit. Yum yum yum!
After our low-key dinner, we headed downtown to walk the trail system. When parking our car, we stumbled upon some intramural baseball games going on, so we sat on the hill and watched for a while before our starting our walk around town
We ended up at the Big Dipper for ice cream. I'm a big fan of their bubblegum ice cream while Perry gets *boring* vanilla bean. I'm pretty sure that's the only kind he will ever eat!
On the way back to the car, we walked along the trail system. It is so secluded from the rest of the city, but yet is right in the middle of it. A very peaceful walk for sure! We stopped at the old train station to check it out. Neither Perry nor I realized it was where the Boone and Crockett Club was located. We peeked our heads in the window and saw lots of, what do you call them? Animal mounts? Bison and geese and bears and such. We're thinking about taking the boys to check it out during operating hours.
Perry wanted a picture *really bad* with his ice cream. I finally gave in. What a goof! It took us nearly the entire walk back to the car to finish our cones. We ended the evening by watching baseball for a bit longer before heading home. 

When we arrived home, Grandma and the boys were across the street with Darryl picking and eating raspberries. They apparently ate *a ton*, I discovered, as they spent a good portion of the night on the toilet. I woke JP up in the morning to get ready to go to daycare. After hearing him toot a few times, I heard a loud rumble which prompted me to ask him, "Was that your tummy bud?" He immediately broke down into tears and said, "No, that was my butt!" Poor little guy! Oh the consequences of having a night off of being mom! :) At least we enjoyed it while we could!

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