Thursday, July 26, 2012

There's Nothing Like a Campfire!

There's nothing like a nice campfire to end the day! I haven't sat around a campfire since...maybe last summer, so I was well over due!
 This was the boys' first fire with Nanny and Papa. I think they used to do fires with Grandma and Grandpa but I don't recall being with them for one. 
 Of course, you can't have a campfire with out marshmallows, but we had the works! Smores please! My mom was on Smores duty for most of night.
 Look at these love birds....they must be twitterpated!
 JP made us so nervous around the fire. He's naturally just a clumsy kid so that didn't help me at all. He wasn't too keen on the idea of going out to the fire in the first place, so it took a while to get used to it.  
 Here's the gang! From left to right we have Robin, Matt, Hunter, Nanny Linda, [my dad's cousin's son] Michael, Papa Craig, JP and me on the camera. 
 This may or may not have been his first Smore. It took him *forever* to eat it.
 This makes me laugh. The whole weekend, JP was anti-Michael for some reason. As soon as Michael would come around, JP would cover his eyes and just stand there. It was funny to see. Normally he's just shy around new people, but he's never pretended to be invisible before! Luckily for the both of them, JP warmed up to him by the end of the weekend!
 We all enjoyed watching Hunter blow out his marshmallows. He nearly caught his hair on fire with one of them!
 This is what happens when JP eats Smores! Yummy! I love his tummy hanging out!
 JP and I did a little, or yiddle in JP's words, bit of star gazing while we were outside. We can see some stars from our house, but normally we're in bed by then!
Hunter tried out the star gazing too while chowing down his Smore. JP eventually fell asleep in Nanny's arms.  They had such a long day. They're were rockstars, especially considering there was no naps all day!


Kelsey said...

Aww, look at little JP! I love that you say he is a little bit clumsy, lol, that is so cute. It's fun to see his personality come out!

Sadie said...

I think clumsy might be an understatement...I think uncoordinated might fit him better...just wait until you see him ride a bike! This kid cracks me up!

Robin Patrick said...

Jimmy belly pic will make for a good senior pic thing

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